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13, 16, 17

All bus routes are subject to change. Please visit the Port Authority of Allegheny County for up-to-date schedules.

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Situated near Riverview Park in the upper North Side, CLP – Woods Run offers vibrant programs for kids, teens and adults, and popular collections of books, magazines, DVDs and music CDs. The Library is truly a gathering space for the community.

  • Public Computers
  • Free Wifi
  • Wireless Printing (small fee may apply)
  • Copier (small fee may apply)
  • Fax Machine and Scanner Station
  • Meeting Room
  • Air Conditioning
  • Exterior Book Return (for after hours returns)



Latest From the Library

Read Harder: Vol. 12

Wed., Dec. 14
At the beginning of the year, I decided to tackle a proper reading challenge. I wanted to push myself a little and try a few things, particularly genres, that I don't typically approach when I'm looking for something to read. I'm pretty proud of what I tried and how many of the boxes I was able to check off. Here are a few of the categories I didn't quite get around to this year, but I'm hoping to carry over into 2017.

Read Harder: Vol. 11

Thu., Nov. 17
Another entry in my continuing adventures with Book Riot’s 2016 Read Harder Challenge. Feminism is a loaded word. It's very much a badge of honor for some and something to run away from for others. How I want to take ownership of the word is something that I've been grappling with recently. Luckily for us, "read a nonfiction book about feminism or dealing with feminist themes"…

Staff Picks

Sarah Staff Image

Heroines of Horror

These horror books include strong female heroines who are smart to be fearful. Fear makes them cautious, but in some cases, they are not cautious enough.