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2016 Election Resources

The election is tomorrow, and if you’re in need of any last-minute research on policy positions, want to know how to find out where to vote, or need some help interpreting the latest polls — you know what to do: Head to your nearest library location, book a librarian, or even chat with us online. Providing impartial information is kind of our thing.


If self-help is more your style, here are some great online resources related to voting:

  • ACLU Voting Rights – Information on legal voting rights and on what to do if you think you have experienced voter intimidation or suppression.
  • Black Political Empowerment Project – Helps to arrange free rides to your voting location.
  • League of Women Voters – Greater Pittsburgh – Offers information on policy positions so that voters can make informed decisions.
  • RockTheVote – Pennsylvania –  Provides general information about voting in Pennsylvania, including your polling location.  The site has a tool that allows you to look up the candidates and initiatives that will be on your ballot. RockTheVote has a particular focus on providing voter information to college students and young people.
  • – Sponsored by the League of Women Voters, this site provides detailed information on policy positions; you can even choose candidates and compare their stances side-by-side.
  • – Provides general information about voting in Pennsylvania, including how to find your polling location.


If you’re all set on information, don’t forget to vote! Polls are open in Pennsylvania from 7 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.


Need more information to get ready to vote?

Do some research, or book a librarian!

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