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Voting 2020: New System Demonstrations

UPDATE: At this time, the Elections Division is suspending all library voting system demonstrations scheduled from now until further notice. Please refer to our post on mail-in ballots for information on completing that process.

This year, Allegheny County is launching a campaign to make patrons aware of upcoming changes to the voting system in the primary and general elections. The county will provide manned information tables in the library. There will be instructional material, sample ballots and new voting machines set up to insure voters are prepared for the upcoming elections.

Allegheny County Board of Elections selected the software, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), which uses a combination of paper ballots and scanning software. The paper-based ExpressVote Universal Voting System uses touch-screen technology that produces a paper record for tabulation. As a marker, the ExpressVote handles the entire marking process, eliminating marginal marks and the need for interpretation of the voter’s mark.

From the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review:

“The ES&S system selected by the board does make use of hand-marked paper ballots; however, voters may also choose to cast their vote using the system’s ballot marking devices, which do use bar codes to tabulate votes. For example, voters who have disabilities that prevent them from hand-marking a paper ballot may choose to use the ballot marking device.”

As part of the education campaign, demonstrations will begin on March 15th all over the county. Trainers will setup the devices complete with sample ballots and answer any questions or provide more information that will help voters prepare for the upcoming elections. In an effort to build a vibrant democracy within the City of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will offer these demonstrations at every library location.

Want to test out the new voting system before Election Day? Click the link below to see all of the neighborhood library demonstration days and times.

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