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About Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Brookline

The area now called Brookline has a rich history. Farmers and miners helped to settle the region and create prosperity. With the construction of streetcar lines and the Liberty Tunnels, Brookline experienced tremendous growth in the early 20th century. Recently, Brookline Boulevard underwent major reconstruction to revitalize its business district. CLP – Brookline has been an integral part of the neighborhood since 1930, providing access to books and other materials, meeting space and high-quality activities for all ages, while adapting to meet the evolving needs of the community over the past eight decades.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Brookline opened its doors in 1930. Initially, the Library operated only two hours per week. Since its establishment, the Library has experienced tremendous growth and now operates 50 hours per week. A major component of the Library’s growth is its renovation, which took place in 2003-2004. The building was upgraded to include a large, finished lower level equipped with computers and meeting spaces, a beautiful light wall along its internet cafe and a welcoming front room with lots of natural light and comfy seating. Following the renovation, CLP – Brookline was named “Library Building of the Year” by the American Institute of Architects and the American Library Association. The location has also been LEED-certifie by the Green Building Alliance.

In addition to its modern space, this unique location is home to three distinct book discussion groups for adults of all backgrounds and interests, both daytime and evening offerings of Toddler and Preschooler Storytimes and a very popular “Let’s Speak English!” program where non-native English speakers engage in fun activities to practice their skills and build their confidence using the language.

Come by CLP – Brookline to meet the friendly team, get a great book and discover something new.

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