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Frequently Asked Questions

The Gallery at Main


What are the criteria for gallery exhibits?
The Gallery at CLP—Main exhibits works of art and library-related exhibits, with new installations several times a year or based on requested use of space. Selected exhibits will align with the Library’s programs, services and mission, and may demonstrate connection with the Library’s community partnerships. Exhibits must be physically able to be displayed in the existing gallery space. Finally, any exhibited art must fall within the standards as set for the by 18 PA. Cons. Stat. Sec. 5903.

Can I sell my artwork in the gallery?
The library is unable to sell or list prices for the works displayed. However, you may provide contact information and any other pertinent information about your work or organization so that library visitors may purchase work directly from artists after the exhibit end date.

Who is on the panel?
The selection panel consists of library staff and community representatives. The members for 2018 are:

  • Julie Hanify, Library Services Administrator — Music, Film & Art
  • Mary Phillips, Librarian
  • Cynthia Medrano, Librarian — First Floor, New & Featured
  • Genevieve Barbee-Turner, Volunteer and Artist
  • Paul Depp, Communications & Creative Services

How long are exhibits?
Exhibits will generally be posted for two months, but the exhibition length will be determined by the gallery coordinator and exhibitors. Exhibits start approximately on the first of the month and end on the last day of the month. Scheduling exceptions may be considered or expedited when the exhibit responds to a community/cultural need or learning opportunity.

When are submissions judged?
The selection panel meets biannually to review exhibit submissions. Exhibits accepted for showing will receive notification within 30 days.

Will my work be insured by the Library?
The Library is not responsible for damage/theft of artwork. Artists display work at their own risk and should have their own insurance coverage. Artists will sign a waiver of liability prior to exhibiting work in the Gallery.

What sort of display hardware does the Library use for the Gallery?
The Gallery uses a hook and wire system to hang work. Additional details can be found here.

What kinds of art can I display?
Hanging artwork should not exceed three feet in width, four feet in height, or 20 lbs in weight.

How many pieces can fit in the gallery?
For most exhibits, we will need at least 10 pieces to exhibit. This is flexible to accommodate exhibits whose pieces are larger or smaller than normal to to create a balanced exhibit in the space.

Do I need to provide labels for my work?
The Library will post a show description, contact information, and pertinent information about the artwork. This information must be received at least two weeks prior to the exhibit.

Will the Library transport or store my artwork?
Artists will deliver and pick up their own artwork. The Library is unable to provide storage space prior to or following the exhibit.

Can the Library host an opening or artist talk for my exhibit?
The Gallery Coordinator is happy to work with artists to schedule an opening or talk. Please note that no alcoholic beverages or homemade food are permitted at these events. Events must be open to the public and must occur during regular library hours.

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