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Alfred, God and Alan Arkin walk into a Bank

I have a confession to make, I love bad movies. Over the years I have grown to love what is considered good or classic movies and have even uttered the word film before, much to the chagrin of my sister. I’m telling you this to warn you that the following review of the movie Going in Style is a happy one, so if you check it out and don’t find it hilarious and/or adorable, you have been warned.

Directed by Zack Braff Going in Style has an all-star cast of Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin, all of whom I have loved to watch in movies over the years. The premise is fairly simple, three older men who rely on pensions throughout their retirement are told that they will no longer have a monthly check. The bank, whom they all are members of, turns out to be the exact company that is taking their money. Fed up with the system they decide to rob the unjust bank in hope that it will solve their problems and help support their families. Considering their age, they find the idea of jail a non-issue and search for a thug to teach them the ways of bank robbery. Joe, Willie and Albert (the three main characters) end up in Bank Robbery 101; complete with how to act, how to talk, and how quick they need to be. What follows is a hilarious insight into their long term friendship and the care they have for each other and their families. The movie was both heartwarming and amusing as the cast try their best to be senior hoodlums.

Personally I thought the movie was hysterically genuine. Caine, Freeman and Arkin have great chemistry together and their humors compile to a grand old time (pun intended). I compare this movie to a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold day, familiar and comforting. It may not have broken box offices around the world but it’s a heart happy film to be enjoyed by all. If you are looking for a good family movie to giggle to, I recommended checking this movie out, popping some popcorn and sipping on some hot chocolate.

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