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Best of BARD: April 2015

New site, but we’re up to the same old tricks – that means we’re coming at you with the Top Five downloads for the month of April on BARD. Nice to see Robert Craig mixing it up with some seriously brutal heavy hitters, an all suspense thriller lineup of Baldacci, (King) Patterson, Deaver and Kellerman. I see no use in slowing this down, so let’s keep the fists up and keep it going fast and hard into May, and we’ll see you next time on the Best of.


The Last Mile
David Baldacci
DB 83898 / CL 16016Cover for The Last Mile by Baldacci
As Melvin Mars is about to be executed for the violent killing of his parents two decades earlier, another man confesses to the crime. Meanwhile, Amos Decker–newly hired on an FBI special task force–takes an interest in Mars’s case after discovering striking similarities to his own life. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller.  2016.

The Promise
Robert Crais
DB 83236 / CL 15920
PI Elvis Cole is hired to find Amy Breslyn by her concerned colleague. Amy–who is grieving the murder of her journalist son by a suicide bomber–disappeared with company money and her explosives expertise. Elvis’s first lead sounds benign but turns into a murder scene. Violence and strong language. 2015.

Private Paris
James Patterson
DB 83616 / CL 15960
When Jack Morgan stops by Private’s Paris office, client Sherman Wilkerson asks for help tracking down his young granddaughter, who is on the run from a brutal drug dealer. Before Jack can locate her, however, several members of France’s cultural elite are found murdered in stunning, symbolic fashion. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller.  2016.

Cover for Breakdown by Jonathan KellermanThe Steel Kiss
Jeffery Deaver
DB 83640 / CL 15961
NYPD’s Amelia Sachs is hot on the trail of a killer in a department store when an escalator malfunctions, leaving a man horribly mangled. Sachs and forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme learn it was no accident, and they must identify a brilliant killer who turns common products into murder weapons. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2016.

Jonathan Kellerman
DB 83585 / CL 15926
Psychologist Alex Delaware first met actress Zelda Chase when evaluating her five-year-old son, Ovid. Years later, Alex sees Zelda, who was involuntarily committed. Shortly after Zelda’s release, she is found dead, and Ovid is missing. Alex turns to his friend LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2016.

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