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BiblioCommons: A new catalog experience awaits you!

We are excited to introduce a new Library catalog!  BiblioCore by BiblioCommons brings the magic of browsing your local library right to your device. Enhanced catalog features offer new ways to discover your next read (or watch, listen, experience!). Here are five new features to explore as you browse: 

1. Lists Galore!  

Having trouble finding that perfect book inspired by the streaming series you just binged on? Ready to share your horror movie knowledge? Want to start reading manga but not sure where to start? The new catalog offers staff and users the chance to browse and share lists of recommendations, read-a-likes and more. Library card holders can curate content via lists to help you find the items you want from popular to more obscure. These lists are not limited to staff and anybody with a Library card can create a list based on their interests. Learn more about lists here. 

Catalog search for "beach reads"Recently published booklists on the Catalog including ones titled "Filling the Ted Lasso Void" and "Summer Reads"

2. Review and Comment 

Bond with like-minded readers or find out if that 800-page fantasy novel is worth it. Our new catalog gives readers the chance to review and rate materials in the catalog. Users can use the comments to review and discuss items to help you in making your selections. Enhanced features include the ability to like and flag comments. Learn more about commenting here. 

Screenshot of community comments on a book in Bibliocommons.

3. Suggest a Purchase 

Can’t find what you’re looking for anywhere in the catalog? You can chat with us to help with your search, but sometimes we don’t have an item. The catalog offers a Suggest a Purchase feature. Library users can submit a suggestion for their Library. A librarian will then review these suggestions. Learn more about searching the catalog here.

Screenshot of a drop-down menu on the catalog that says "Can't Find Something?" and underneath it, there are options for "Interlibrary Loan" and "Suggest a Purchase."

4. Tags 

Another new feature to be excited about is the ability to search tags or tag materials. Looking for paranormal fantasy? Try searching other items with this tag and watch your to be read stack pile-up! Learn more about tags here 

Screenshot of a tag search for "paranormal fantasy"

A section titled "Related Titles" with cover images of related titles listed underneath.

5. Community Contributions 

The Library is something we do together! The new catalog provides a digital space where we can geek out about our interests, connect with other readers and find exciting additions to your local library all from your device. Anybody with a library card can share their favorite quotes, offer a review or even write a summary (no spoilers please!). Our new catalog is just another way we can collaborate and build community with other library users across Allegheny County and beyond. Learn more about connecting with others here. 

Screenshot that says "More from community" including community lists featuring this title, quotations, summaries, videos, and suitability recommendations.

The new catalog is just one of many ways to connect with your library. We are ready to assist! You can learn more about the new catalog in the FAQ section and here to aid in creating your user experience.  

 If you have any additional questions, you can contact a librarian through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also call us at 412-622-3114 or email us at 

 You can sign up for a free library card here 

 If you’re looking for more book suggestions, we’re happy to recommend them to you! Use this Book Recommendation form to send us some information about what you like to read, and we’ll curate a list just for you.

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