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Buy It Right

How do you feel you’re getting a good deal? Is it from the brand you’re purchasing? Is it from how much you paid for what you bought? Or it is from how long you expect your purchase to last? There are many factors that influence what we buy and often the larger the purchase the more anxiety we may feel over whether or not we’re making the right choice. With two major Hallmark holidays around the corner, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you might be considering a larger gift this year for mom or dad and want to make sure you’re buying it right.

Whether you’re planning on getting a new washer/dryer set or something smaller, like an e-book reader, consider using CLP’s database subscription to Consumer Reports for features on a wide spectrum of products. You can browse categories alphabetically or use the database’s search engine for locating different product models, review articles, and buying guides. Use your CLP library card to access the database from home and begin your search for the perfect buy!


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