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Caption It! Contest Winners

In our efforts to shed some light on hidden gems of our vast collection here at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, we recently selected images from the Pittsburgh Photographic Library to use in a social media game called “Caption It!” Patrons who frequent our Facebook and Instagram feeds enthusiastically submitted delightful captions and voted with their likes for the winners. Thanks to everyone who played.  We had a blast, and we hope you did, too! You can check out the winners below.

Part of what made this game so much fun was seeing other conversations sparked by the historic images. Pittsburghers are proud of our history, and exploring our rich heritage is why we have the Pittsburgh Photographic Library available for use by all! If you’d like to investigate for yourself, you should come visit us in the Pennsylvania Department on the third floor of CLP – Main (Oakland). And if you have questions for our expert librarians you can always email us or ask us in real time on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds!

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is home to so many different collections, that we’re not stopping here – keep an eye out for more of our hidden gems for you to discover and interact with. We hope to see you all soon in ongoing social media games. They’re fun to play, and you might just learn something new!

“I hope this is enough of a diversion for the others to steal the formula from the fridge.” by its_lit.erature


“Stop it Clyde. You’ve already shown me how high you can pull up your pants.” by Kyle Carson


“I bet yinz two nickels I get it in the corner pocket” by lorlor.folklore


“We’ll wear our clothes backwards and no one will ever suspect we’re casing the place Hildie!” by Chela Sanchez


Tie: “Wedgie!” by jrschieb & “Evil robot from space kid making best friends with a baby! 🤖👶🏻” by teamosos


“Daddy’s Home” by Dolores Hankosky


“A Circle of Joy”  by flakesharon


“Can’t believe I walked all that way and they don’t have any banana popsicles.” by Cleah Schlueter


– Brooke

Brooke S. is the Digitization and Special Projects Lead at CLP – Main and works closely with the Pittsburgh Photographic Library and the REcollection Studio. 

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