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Entrance Renovations at CLP – Main

Over the coming months you’ll notice some big changes at CLP – Main as we embark on a series of repairs and enhancements to our front entrance. The project will create an accessible entryway that meets the needs of all our users while preserving the building’s iconic architecture.


Rendering of new interior accessible entrance at CLP Main
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We are excited to begin work in early August 2022 and want you to have all of the details!


So, what exactly is happening?

  • A glass vestibule addition to the right of the front entrance will provide a covered entrance to a new elevator-style lift that will improve accessible access.
  • Reconstruction of the steps and retaining walls, along with new landscaping.
  • Installation of new sidewalks and gently-graded ramps that will improve accessibility and reduce travel distances.
  • The grand bronze metal doors will be refinished and repaired.
  • The vestibule will be rebuilt and renovated.

Will my Library visit be affected?

  • If you normally use the front stairs to enter the building, you will still be able to do so. When you arrive, just look for the sign pointing to our protective scaffolding to enter the building from the front.
  • Beginning in late August, lift access will be temporarily unavailable at the front entrance. During that time, visitors in need of lift and/or elevator access are encouraged to enter the building at our Portal Entrance. After entering, follow the orange dots on the ground to the Library’s internal elevator.

    Map of CLP -Main parking lot and portal entrance
    Click image to enlarge.


  • Construction is expected to last 5 – 6 months and should have little effect on your usage and enjoyment of the Library and our services.
  • Patrons are eligible for 30 minutes of free access to the parking lot to be dropped off by transit or similar at the portal entrance.
  • As always staff will be on hand if you have any questions, concerns, or issues.


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