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Consider Making A Tribute Gift

For those of you with a library lover in your life – I bet gift giving has always been easy. Book, check! Gift card, check! Supporting the neighborhood library that has been part of your family’s life by making a gift their honor?

…Hmmm. Wait, did I just unlock new gift giving idea for you? 

Giving a gift to the library in honor of someone who shared their love of reading with you is a meaningful way to support your community. A tribute gift means storytimes for children, creative programming for teens and a robust collection of books, music, movies and so much more! From in-person services to virtual programming, your donation makes sure everyone in our community has access to these important resources.

Give now in honor of your library lover!

Make a Tribute Gift


I am just going to say it – sometimes gift giving can be stressful. But giving a tribute gift to the Library is easy. Here’s how it works: you make a donation and we’ll mail the person a keepsake card letting them know a gift was made in their name.

So this month, in a season packed with birthdays, Father’s Day and graduations, consider giving a gift to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in celebration of your library enthusiast. You’ll put a smile on so many faces.


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