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Cookbooks for Summer Eats

Summer means lots of different things to lots of different people, but me, well, I spend summer how I spend all other seasons: thinkin’ lots about what I’m going to cook and eat. Here are some tried-and-true cookbooks you can check out for some A+ summertime recipes:

Afro Vegan by Bryant Terry:  When Bryant Terry spoke at CLP – Homewood last year, he did so to a packed auditorium. There’s a reason he has such a following, and you can get a taste of why in this book that features African, Caribbean and Southern flavors remixed into tasty vegan recipes. Watermelon, squash, barbecue sauce and cold drinks all play such starring roles that they feature in chapter titles; if that doesn’t say summer, what does? Don’t miss the chipotle-banana sauce (trust me) on grilled veggie skewers.

The Homesick Texan Cookbook by Lisa Fain: When Lisa Fain moved away from Texas, she missed the big, bold flavors of the barbecue, tacos, cornbread, pickles and fresh fruit preserves from back home. So she did what any right-thinking foodie would do: collected and perfected recipes from generations of Texans and shared ’em all here.

Honey & Jam – Seasonal Baking From my Kitchen in the Mountains by Hannah Queen: Hannah Queen makes simple, delicious food, photographs it in her scenic little cabin and organizes the recipes seasonally so you can easily flip through and figure out the best ways to use up your cherries, raspberries, plums and peaches.

United Cakes of America by Warren Brown: Imagine coming to a 4th of July cookout and eating different cakes based on states in the union. I rest my case.

I Scream Sandwich! Inspired Recipes for the Ultimate Frozen Treat by Jennie Schacht: Obviously, summer is prime-time for ice cream, and what better way to eat it than smashed in between another dessert?  With recipes for everything from classic flavors to fancy new combos (Hellooo, white corn & red raspberry ice cream on cornmeal cookies!), you’ll definitely find multiple tasty ways to cool down in this book.

Vegetables on Fire: 50 Vegetable-Centered Meals From the Grill by Brooke Lewy: Okay, I’ll be honest, I haven’t used this one yet. I just discovered it while looking through the library catalog. But doesn’t it sound great? Place your hold now.

What will you be making this summer?


Ginny is a baker of treats, reader of fiction and Coordinator of Volunteer Services based out of the Office of Programs and Partnerships at CLP – East Liberty. She wants to pet your dog.

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