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E.B. White

Photo of E.B. White and a dog sitting at a desk in front of a typewriter

E.B. White may be most well-known for his beloved books for children, like Charlotte’s Web (DB46839) and Stuart Little (DB31831), but he was also one of the most significant essayists of the twentieth century. White wrote for The New Yorker and Harper’s Magazine, influenced writing styles, and even wrote poetry.

His work in Harper’s Magazine was compiled into a collection called One Man’s Meat (DB15703), which includes his important work, “Once More to the Lake,” a spare essay about morality, fatherhood, and the passage of time. If you still find yourself itching for more of White’s nonfiction, try reading Letters of E.B. White (DB12305)

White is famous for his contributions to the style guide, The Elements of Style (DB52467), often colloquially called just “Strunk & White” by manual’s many disciples.

If you’re new to White’s adult works, you’ll find his trademark humor—often dry and satirical—winking throughout his essays and letters and you’ll see why his careful, lovely prose is still taught in schools across the United States.

E.B. White
One Man’s Meat
Fifty-five essays on a variety of themes. The author blends memories of his life in New York with events of everyday life on his farm in Maine. 1944.

Dorothy L. Guth
Letters of E.B. White
This collection of cheerful, wise letters by one of the most important prose stylists vividly and comically portrays his associations with writers, editors, show-business friends, farmers, and family.

William Strunk
The Elements of Style
A compendium of specific tips to encourage writers to be clear, brief, and bold. This fourth edition of E.B. White’s revision of Strunk’s classic style manual is modestly updated to accommodate gender references and to provide fresh examples. Contains a foreword by Roger Angell. Bestseller. 2000.

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