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The Emotional Impact of 4:44

A couple of months ago, rap superstar Jay-Z made headlines when he released his thirteenth studio album, 4:44. The album made headlines because Jay was the most open and vulnerable that he’s ever been. On the title track, Jay address the infidelity that Beyonce talks about on her album, Lemonade. I was, for obvious reasons, upset and disappointed. I say this because Beyonce has sung about infidelity in her music before but denied that it was about her own relationship. So, for this to be about her own relationship I was shocked. I shouldn’t have been because this is the same man who made “Big Pimpin”.

Anyway, Jay also talked about the infamous elevator fight between him and his sister-in-law, Solange. Listeners now know it was because of the cheating that this fight took place. Jay also talks about how ashamed he is of his transgressions and how it will affect his children. I commend Jay for being so honest. There are some people who wouldn’t have been this honest, but Jay decided to tell it on his own terms, which I respect. Although the album made me upset for obvious reasons, I actually really enjoyed it. One of my favorite tracks is “Family Feud,” which features Beyonce. Her vocals on this song are amazing. No surprise there. There’s one refrain that Jay uses a couple of times on the song that I love which is “No one wins when the family feuds.” I thought that this was clever wordplay.

The track “Bam,” which features reggae juggernaut Damian Marley, is another one of my favorites. I love the rap and reggae fusion. Marley was the perfect choice for this record. Marley’s hook and Jay’s flow on this song are a perfect blend. “Moonlight” is another great song. The title is a nod to the controversy at this year’s Oscars when it was announced that La La Land won Best Picture when the actual winner was Moonlight.  The video for the single is great because it’s a recreation of the TV show Friends. There’s also a great Fugees sample on this record too. “The Story of O.J.” is another track on the album worth listening to, and the video is cool.


This album is one of Jay-Z’s best in my opinion, because he’s opening up in ways that fans haven’t heard before. I definitely would recommend giving this a listen.  The album is available in our catalog.

Have you listened to 4:44? What’s your favorite track? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy listening!


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