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My Ever-Growing To-Read List

This month I  experienced a lot of writer’s block, so I’ve decided to write my post about the books that I plan to read in the future.  I have a very long list that grows faster than I can read, so I don’t ever really expect to get caught up with my reading.

The next book I want to read is The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon (DB58560), which is the next book we will read for the Consumer Health Coalition Bookclub (This month we are reading The Book of Unknown Americans).  In The Speed of Dark Lou, an adult with autism is presented with the dilemma of being “cured” of his autism.  Will he still be himself?  What will this mean for his identity?  How would you feel if you could change a major part of your personality that some may consider a flaw?  I’m very excited to get into this book and ponder these challenging questions.

The Fire Next Time (DB12439) by James Baldwin.  After watching I Am Not Your Negro on Martin Luther King Day, I realized 2 things.  First, that I had never read anything by James Baldwin, and second, that I absolutely need to.  Baldwin’s words in the film were captivating and cut to the core of race in America.  The Fire Next Time seems like an ideal place to start, as it is a series of letters on the centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation.  Baldwin’s work is absolutely next on my list to read.

At the Existentialist Café (DB4408) by Sarah Blackwell.  Follows philosophers, playwrights, and artists from cafes in Paris right up through the second World War.  This is fiction, but these meetings of the minds actually happened.  It will be great to get back into armchair philosophy!

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness (DB88246) by Arundhati Roy.  It’s been many years since I read The God of Small Things (DB44608), but its captivating prose stays with me today.  I don’t know too much about this title, but Roy delivers lovely verse even when giving a discourse on human rights.      

What is on your reading list?  I’d love to read some comments, and get some new ideas for my ever-growing to-read list.    


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