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Films I Liked Better Than Their Books (Or Why I’m a Bad Librarian)

There are few films based off of books that probe me to venture into reading their literary counterparts for one reason: I’ve never liked the book better. This, of course, all started with being a member of the Harry Potter generation where I couldn’t even make it to the chapter where he gets on the train to leave for Hogwarts. The movie, however, was a different story. While my friends whined about how the film left out “pivotal” details, I found the special effects and shortened plot line compensated for an otherwise dense and unfulfilling read. I hope, however, you consider viewing and reading the literary inspirations for each of the film adaptations I’ve selected below:

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
This movie debunked a lot of misconceptions I had about the book which initially drove me away (and kept me) from reading it. Instead of the futuristic, technology-centered epic I thought it would be, the film revolves around a more traditionally plotted mystery with two unconventional detectives. Film adaptation includes audio description and closed captioning.

Olive Kitteridge
I really wanted to like the book that inspired this HBO miniseries but I just didn’t care for how the title character wasn’t the center of each short story that made up the collection. My favorite part about the miniseries was how it moved chronologically through Olive Kitteridge’s life with each of the four episodes. Film adaptation includes closed captioning.

Game Change
This one I am completely unapologetic about. I mean, who would rather read about Sarah Palin’s rise to fame instead of watching her portrayed by Julianne Moore? This reenactment of the 2008 general election offers a behind the scenes look at the McCain campaign’s greatest hits, including the Katie Couric interviews. Film adaptation includes closed captioning.

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