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Fine Free at CLP

UPDATE: It’s official! As of January 25, 2022, CLP items (books, movies and other materials) will no longer accrue overdue fines. Learn more.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is excited to announce that three CLP locations are going fine free! Like all great ideas, we are starting small with just CLP-Allegheny, CLP-East Liberty and CLP-Knoxville. Removing fines will increase access to all the books, movies and materials that we know you want!

This is exciting, but what does this mean?

Yes, it is very exciting! Here are some more details: any library material checked out from one of the three Fine Free locations will not accrue overdue fines (even if you return it somewhere else!).

All library materials returned to any of the three Fine Free locations will not accrue overdue fines (even if you checked it out from another location!).

So, you can check out books from CLP-Allegheny, East Liberty or Knoxville and not have any overdue fines or you can return books to any of those three locations and not have any overdue fines.

Why is this important?

Even though the Library and library materials and services are free to the community, overdue fines can keep people away from the library and inequitably restrict access to library resources. Going fine free will remove barriers for our customers, so more people can enjoy the Library!

Why hasn’t all of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh gone Fine Free?

We are keeping this pilot limited to just a few of our locations while we look at how removing fines impacts library use and our communities. In 2020, we plan to make informed decisions about the pilot and the possible expansion of this new policy.

Will people return items if there are no late fines?

We are very confident that materials will continue to be returned by their due date. We know library patrons are busy and sometimes an item comes back a few days late, and we want to make sure that using the library is easy and inclusive for all patrons. Now patrons do not have to worry about their items accruing overdue fines, but the item still must be returned.

Items that are not returned will be billed, but, don’t worry, you will receive many reminder notices before that happens!

Can I still donate to the Library?

Absolutely! Your donation supports library services for people of all ages. You can donate online and in person at any CLP location.

Do you have more questions? Reach out to to get more information.

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