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Hey Virtual Party People!

Well folks, I think we’re probably all in agreement that staying at home  is getting a tad stale. I’m the first person to admit that I normally adore my alone time; I often crave a quiet night in after a busy day at the library. That said, I am equal parts comfy-pants lady and…possibly the most social, active person in existence. I love love love spending time with my friends, family and partner. I’ve really been missing porch sitting and visiting breweries, going to exercise classes together and sharing meals. Game Night crew, I miss you most of all. Who will I embarrass myself in front of now? Someone needs to keep me humble.

The good news is that we live in a world with lots and lots of technology to help us connect with those we love and get our social fix. If you’re like me, you’re kinda comfortable using some technology and a complete novice at others. We all have different devices and varying levels of know-how. So, for me, it’s been mostly about using the tools I’m comfortable with and hoping for the best. The other night my sister and I practiced yoga together using Google Hangout and following an online yoga session by my favorite Pittsburgh yoga teacher (@yinzeryogi – look her up!) together. The audio wasn’t totally synced on my sister’s computer and mine, but hey, we made it work!

Also, hooray for Zoom (a video and audio conferencing platform that I’ve used a lot for work)! You can sign up for free and host online get-togethers for up to 40 minutes at a time. My friends and I had a blast at happy hour together from our respective homes using Zoom. We went waaay over the 40 minute window and had to open a new session, but that’s just how it goes when you get to chatting with your best ladies. We have an online game session planned too! So, I guess I won’t be missing game night after all.

My partner and I have taken lovely, long walks together by video chatting on our phones. I got a complete tour of the outside of Phipps the other day and he got to see the koi hibernating in the small pond near my house and my dog trying to eat them.

Whatever tech you have and whoever you might be missing, there are lots of ways to connect online with people you care about. Maybe Stay In and Read! with the library and use the video chat feature on Instagram to share what you’re reading with your friends. Start that Spanish language club you’ve always dreamed of by using Mango Languages (free through the library) and Google Hangouts. Or use a Creativebug tutorial to make art with your friends and join the CLP Creative Course Club group on Facebook to share your projects.

Honestly, if I can do it, you definitely can. You don’t have to be a wiz to keep the virtual party going and you can still wear comfy-pants!

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