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Holiday Music from eCLP

It can be a drag trying to find music to spice up your holiday party or family gathering. So many compilations seem like they have either been overdone or don’t quite set the mood. Other recordings may be more appropriate for the car ride to grandma’s house or a family sing-along that come with the risk of cramping your style. Luckily, Alexander Street Press, one of CLP’s free streaming music databases, contains plenty of holiday tunes to accommodate all of your entertaining needs this season. Traditionally known for its collection of world and folk music recordings, the database offers over 891,000 tracks in all different genres which are free to stream with your CLP library card. The following are some albums recommended for holiday-listening enjoyment. Visit Alexander Street Press to begin streaming.

Hanukkah Swings performed by Kenny Ellis and Harvey Cohen

Fun and jazzy interpretations of classic Hanukkah songs, including “Swingin’ Dreidel” and “Hanukkah Candles.” Ideal for an evening family or work celebration.

Blues, Blues Christmas performed by various artists

A compilation of vintage holiday tunes performed by different African American recording artists from 1925-1955. Genres explored include blues, jazz, gospel, and boogie with notable tracks including “Hep Cat’s Holiday” and “Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus.”

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