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Holiday Offerings for the Not-So-Traditional

Want to get into the yuletide spirit but not a fan of the classic warm and fuzzy “feel-good” stories? Here are some books, movies, and a graphic novel that can be your reason for the season.

Edward Scissorhands cover

Edward Scissorhands: A suburban housewife finds a strange boy with scissors for hands, and takes him home to meet the family. Like Tim Burton’s other Christmas movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands is a bizarre tale with a warm heart at the center.

The Corrections: The Lamberts, a dysfunctional couple and their three adult children, reunite for one last traditional Christmas. With each family member bringing their own personal drama, and a father in poor health, disagreements are bound to come to a head. This book takes a sweeping view of a Midwestern family in decline over the course of decades.

The Stupidest Angel: When a little boy sees a fake Santa die, he wishes him back to life. Unfortunately, the angel that grants his wish gets a little more than he bargained for with a zombie uprising just in time for Christmas.

Doomsday Book cover

Doomsday Book: In the year 2048, historians can travel back in time to study history. But what happens when one of those historians gets trapped in the past? This charming blend of science fiction and history shows us that even though technology changes, human nature very much stays the same.

Rent cover

Rent: Follow a group of self-proclaimed bohemians in 1990’s New York City as they make their way from one Christmas to the next. This musical takes on issues like the AIDS crisis, gentrification, and found family as the plot unfolds.

Klaus: A graphic novel that re-interprets some of the darker and more pagan aspects of the Saint Nicholas legend. Fans of Gregory Maguire’s books may enjoy this re-imagining of a classic character.

A Little Queermas Carol cover

A Little Queermas Carol: This queer retelling of A Christmas Carol revolves around radical activist and leather-enthusiast Ebe and their dead friend Marley. The classic tale gets updated with gender-neutral pronouns, queer activism, and a modern setting. At its heart, though, is the spirit and heart of the original.

Hogfather: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld gets in the Christmas spirit! When the Hogfather, Discworld’s answer to Santa Claus, goes missing, it’s up to Death and his granddaughter to save the day and keep the Christmas (excuse me, Hogswatchnight) spirit alive.

Amy D. is a clerk at CLP – Downtown & Business. She enjoys cooking, talking politics, and over-the-top author photos.

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