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Inspire Someone Today!

I have a confession: I love people watching. There, I said it. And the Library is a great place for it. Since I started work at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, I find myself inspired almost daily by the people I see.

I am inspired by the man tucked away at a desk in the corner studying for his aviation license. I am inspired by the woman learning a new language. I am inspired by the child getting help with their reading skills from a Reading Buddy at their local CLP branch. Last year, nearly three million people visited the Library in the effort to learn something new, make their lives better or to be part of something bigger than themselves. Simply, to be inspired.

That’s why our Library users inspire me — they are making an effort to better their lives. I find that amazing.

There are also inspirational people who you may not be able to point out at the Library. I am talking about the members of the community who choose to support the efforts of the Library with a financial gift. They make a real difference in the lives of our patrons every day.

This holiday season, I ask you to consider being an inspiration to others by making a year-end donation today. Many patrons consider the Library to be their home away from home — and your gift makes sure the door is always open.


Make an online donation to the Library.

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Allison works at CLP – Main in the External and Government Relations Department as a Development Associate. She enjoys long walks, good books and bad reality television.

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