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Join Quantum Theatre for Free Performances Online

While 2020 has been challenging and unpredictable, it has also been unique. Our need for connectivity (and the internet!) has never been stronger. More so, this year showed us what we are really passionate about and what we miss greatly. One of these things is live performances; but at Quantum Theatre, the show goes on.

Quantum Theatre has announced a lineup of three live virtual performances, free of charge! Over the next few months, you can register for the shows and watch them wherever you please. The theatre is coming to you! They are making culture accessible while committing to their shows, safety and their staff.

From August 27-30, Quantum Theatre will air the first play in the series, “Constellations,” written by Nick Payne and directed by Sam Turich.

About “Constellations”

“Constellations” begins with Roland, a beekeeper, and Marianne, a quantum physicist, meeting through a chance encounter. They hit it off and go for a drink—or maybe they don’t. “Constellations” dives into the idea that life exists in a multiverse with a set of parallel existences. If two lovers are drawn to each other in every version of existence, then every possible happy ending or heartbreak could occur, right? Do they stay connected or do they go separate ways? Is one of them already married when they meet? Even simply, do they talk at the party or not? This romantic play explores the intersection of free will, destiny and love. Perhaps they come together and their love can grow—or perhaps it will be cut short.

How to tune in

The production is offered in two live 30-minute segments, presented over four nights (August 27-30). Live broadcasts begin each evening at 8:00pm. If you are unable to tune into the livestream, registered participants can view a recording of the broadcast any time throughout the 4-day period. All of Quantum Theatre’s performances will be streamed on Crowdcast. For more information on “Constellations” or to register, visit their website here.

If “Constellations” sounds like something you’d enjoy, check out this Staff Picks for a list of titles that have similar themes and ideas.

Stay tuned for Quantum Theatre’s next two free performances, “Wild” and “Far Away,” which will also be available for livestream.

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