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Keep the Faith

I’ve read my fair share of comics and watched enough superhero movies and have never seen anyone is the same size as me. Those days are over. While looking for new releases on Goodreads and Amazon, I came across Faith. It was so wonderful to see a woman superhero who doesn’t look like a Playboy bunny. Faith Herbert is relatable in a lot of ways. It’s always nice to read or watch something when you see yourself in that character.


At Faith’s day job she works as a content writer for a website called Zipline. I aspire to be a journalist one day so it was cool to see that. During the day, Faith goes by a different name, Summer Smith, complete with a disguise. People know her by her superhero name, Zephyr because she used to be a part of a superhero crew called the Renegades.

This time around, Faith is flying solo, literally. Being able to fly is one of Faith’s superpowers, in addition to being able to move things with her mind, which is a very cool superpower I might add. Things get sticky along the way for Faith, because she has to save people with powers like her  because there are aliens (called vine) that are experimenting on them and killing them. The vine are hard to find because they look like humans.

It’s nice to see someone who looks like me kicking butt and not being the butt of a joke. Volume 1 of this series had a lot of pop culture references and humor, two things that I love. Faith is a great series so far and I’m excited to see where it goes next.

What new comics have you read that you have enjoyed? Let us know in the comments below!


Kayla works at Squirrel Hill as a Clerk, so when you come up to the customer services desk you might see her face! When she’s not at the library she enjoys reading, watching TV & listening to music. You might also find her at your local Starbucks, because she loves her Frappuccinos.

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