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There are currently no PhenomeCON events scheduled. Keep an eye on the Library’s Events Calendar for future programs.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s PhenomeCON is a free, city-wide teens only fandom convention!

Teens come in costume or make their own at the event and celebrate their fandoms through special events and panels like:

  • Fandom Showdown – advocate and vote for your favorite character in this fandom bracket competition
  • Trivia Contest – team up to show off your knowledge of books, movies, comics, TV shows and music
  • Anime Trivia Contest – this competition is everything anime!
  • Crafting – make their own buttons, bind your own books, crochet keychains and more
  • Costume Making – whether you’re sprucing up an existing cosplay or starting from scratch, library staff and volunteers can help you create the perfect costume
  • Dungeons and Dragons – explore the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons with a seasoned Dungeon Master
  • Magic the Gathering – learn the ropes with some award-winning Magic players or just come meet and play with fellow Magic lovers
  • Virtual Reality – Virtual Reality Equipment is available for explorers of games, worlds and videos
  • Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament – compete in this all-day, free Smash Ultimate tournament. Controllers are provided but personal controllers are welcome
  • Fandom Singalong – sing your favorite songs together or show off with karaoke
  • Greenscreen Photography – visit new worlds, fictional and real, by posing in front of a landscape or scene of your choice
  • Puzzle Hunt – solve riddles and decipher codes to explore the Library and unlock secrets with Hidden Legend
  • Costume Showcase – show off your costume on stage in front of all of your fellow CON goers at this culminating event!









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