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Learning with the Library 

Do you have a skill you want to learn?  Well now, it will be easier for Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped patrons to learn with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, no matter where they reside in our Pennsylvania.

The library offers resources for learning many types of skills.  One that I want to feature is our free access to, which usually requires a paid subscription.  Lynda is a great online resource for learning technical or artistic skills.  They have learning paths to specialize in, or you can just enjoy one video on a particular topic.  The topics they cover include programming languages, software like Photoshop and Outlook, music production, photography, and much more.

You can access LYNDA at

On that same page there is a link to Mango Languages.  Mango is a language learning app (also free with your library card) that is available for Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, and PC.  Mango offers language courses for popular languages such as Spanish and French, older languages such as Latin and ancient Greek, and rarely taught languages like Cherokee and Dzongkha.  The courses begin with very basic content and are progressive in nature.

These are just two small examples of the resources that are available through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  We have many more databases and tools for research, consumer information, and health.

If you receive Carnegie Library for the Blind and Handicapped services and are interested in accessing these resources, let us know that you’d like a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh card.  We can send your card through the mail and instruct you on how to access these resources.  So, what would you like to learn?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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