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Library Anywhere, Library Everywhere

Carnegie Library staff love welcoming visitors to our locations, but did you know that we also make regular appearances at childcare centers, senior living facilities, and special events? We get a lot of requests to bring the Library experience to Pittsburghers in their neighborhoods, communities, and schools, and we’re always happy to come visit you when we can.

To make connecting with the library easier, we’ve created a new section of our website called CLP Your Way. Planning our visit to your location or event starts by visiting CLP Your Way and selecting your preferred experience. Library staff can bring you:

  • Library information and resources specific for your audience
  • Strategies for building early learning development.
  • Library materials customized to your group’s interests.

And much more! Many of these experiences can be offered virtually, too, so if you’re short on space we’ve got you covered.

Prefer an in-library experience? Or maybe you’d like to schedule more than one visit?
Two hobbits from the movie - caption inside picture reads, "We've had one library visit, but what about a second library visit?"

Not a problem. We still offer in-Library experiences like tours and group card sign-ups, which you can also request via CLP Your Way.

Ready to plan a library adventure? Click here to explore your options and schedule a visit. We hope to see you soon, in your favorite neighborhood places! (Unless, that is, you live in Middle Earth and want us to deliver a ring to Mount Doom. Sadly, you’ll have to solve that problem on your own.)

Please note: These services are subject to staff availability and alignment with CLP’s mission and policies. We will do our best but cannot guarantee a visit from or to the Library. If a request cannot be fulfilled, we’ll be in touch to discuss alternative available services. Thank you for your understanding.


Here are some other ways to have a great outside-the-library experience:

You can sign up for a free library card here.

If you are new to our eResources, check out these tutorial videos on how to get started.

If you’re looking for more book suggestions, we’re happy to recommend them to you! Use this Book Recommendation form to send us some information about what you like to read and we’ll curate a list just for you.    

If you have any additional questions, you can contact a librarian through Facebook, Instagram or X (Twitter). You can also call us at 412-622-3114 or email us at

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