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Music Across Genres: A Black History Month Playlist

One of the most important aspects of Black history is music. For a long time, Black musicians were shut out of the music industry, whether it was not being allowed to play at big venues, receiving unfair contracts or through many other avenues of discrimination. Yet, despite of all of that hardship, Black musicians persevered and made some of the most important music in history. No matter what genre you look at from R&B, Blues, Country, and even Classical, Black people have put their stamp on the genre. The playlist below, created by CLP staff members Kayla Copes & Rio Maropis, highlights some of the contributions that Black musicians have made to music, many of which can be heard for free with a CLP eResource.  

Please enjoy this curated list, a mere selection of some of the contributions Black artists have made in popular music over the last century. You can listen to each of these songs provided by one of our online music resources, including Naxos Music Library, Naxos Music Library Jazz, DRAM Online, Alexander Street Press, Hoopla Digital and STACKS which features contemporary artists making music in Pittsburgh. 

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