Musical Pittsburgh: 1758-1908

The Music Department’s index covers all of the music-related entries in a lengthy essay on the history of music in Pittsburgh up to 1908. It is from the volume: Sesqui-Centennial and Historical Souvenir of the Greater Pittsburgh, edited and compiled by Henry Brownfield Scott.

Allegheny Musical Association mixed chorus of 100 voices 166
Apollo Club choral, instrumental 165
Archer, Frederic organist, conductor 159 yes
Archer, Harry G. pianist, organist 168 yes
Baumann, Emma Johanna soprano 178 yes
Bernthaler, Carl pianist 169 yes
Bissell, Simeon instructor, correspondent 161 yes
Boehme, Paul baritone 154 yes
Bowlin, Henrietta contralto 178 yes
Boyd, Charles N. organist, conductor, professor 170 yes
Brockett, Alonzo H. baritone 182 yes
Brockett, Harry B. tenor, instructor 163 yes
Cadman, Charles Wakefield organist, composer 179 yes
Clark, Gertrude soprano 166 yes
Cole, Ida Bernice soprano 181 yes
Colville, S. Stuart tenor 155 yes
Daeuble, Theodore choral director 149 yes
Damon, Geraldine contralto 171
Dickson, John Colville teacher, actor 178 yes
Duss, John band director, philanthropist 165
Earnest, Walter Coleman tenor 172 yes
Evens, William vocal music teacher 147 yes
Ferrata, Dr. Chevalier G. pianist, composer 176 yes
Feuchtinger, Eugene voice teacher, pianist 171 yes
Fitzpatrick, T. J. Western PA Exposition Society 164 yes
Foerster, Adolph M. composer 157 yes
Foster, Stephen Collins song writer 163
Germania Orchestra 153 yes
Gibonsky, Julia pianist 182 yes
Gittings, Joseph H. pianist, organist, professor 161 yes
Graninger, Charles Albert organist, choir director 172 yes
Great Western Band 151 yes
Griffith, W. Yeatman bass, choral director 167 yes
Griffith, Mrs. W. Yeatman soprano 167 yes
Griffiths, Anne soprano, voice teacher 168 yes
Hamilton, Samuel bass, choral director 160 yes
Harris, D. Stanley bass 179 yes
Harris-Scott, Edith contralto 173 yes
Hassler, Norman voice teacher, professor 171 yes
Hassler, Pearl Sleeth organist 171 yes
Hay, Ruth soprano 172 yes
Heinroth, Charles city organist 176 yes
Henricks Piano Company 187 yes
Henricks, J. M. piano dealer 184 yes
Herbert, Victor conductor, composer 160 yes
Hunter, Frank Milton tenor 179 yes
Kegel, Otto trumpter 169 yes
Kennedy, Louis H. singer 172 yes
Kimball, Mrs. Charles Farrow soprano 181 yes
Kirk, Thomas F., Sr. music teacher, choral diretor 150 yes
Kleber, Henry music publisher 149 yes
Knauff, Adolph choral director 150
Knotts, Richard bass, voice teacher 174 yes
Koch, Caspar P. city organist 177 yes
Kohler, Franz violinist 168 yes
Lang, Jean contralto, voice teacher 172 yes
Liefeld, Albert D. organist, choir director 180 yes
Lohman, Franz teacher, conductor 152
Makinson, Mrs. Emma Porter soprano 174 yes
Martin, James Stephen voice teacher 165 yes
Mayer, W. L. music administrator 162 yes
McCollum, James P. choral director 156 yes
McDonald, Mrs. J. Sharp vocalist 155 yes
Mellor, C. C. music publisher, organist 148 yes
Mellor, John H. music publisher, organist 148 yes
Merz, Otto band and orchestra performer 180 yes
Miller, Christine contralto 183 yes
Miller, Lucille soprano 181 yes
Morgen, George J. pianist, organist, teacher 173 yes
Morrow, Robert A. pianist 177 yes
Mozart Club 156
Mueller, Herman violinist 184 yes
Mustin, Charles Price organist 182 yes
Napier, Edward J. organist 170 yes
Nevin, Ethelbert composer 158 yes
O'Brien, J. Vick composer, conductor 179 yes
Ockleston-Lippa, Madame Kate pianist, composer 162 yes
Oehmler, Leo pianist, violinist, teacher 184 yes
Oetting, William H. organist 182 yes
Pennsylvania College for Women 185
Pittsburgh Male Chorus 165
Pope, J. William song writer, poet 150 yes
Reahard, Adele teacher of piano and harmony 167 yes
Reahard, Winifred contralto 167 yes
Retter, Carl pianist, organist 157 yes
Ringwalt Choir Union 166 yes
Roberts, John R. baritone 178 yes
Roberts, Mrs. Agnes Vogel soprano 157 yes
Rothleder, E. G. violinist, professor 170 yes
Savage, Ralph Butler voice teacher 173 yes
Schmidt, Henry Kloman pianist, teacher 174 yes
Sprague, Marie soprano, teacher 183 yes
Steiner, W. K. organist 173 yes
Stephens, Morris tenor, choral director 183 yes
Stevenson, William M. voice and piano teacher 170 yes
Tetedoux, Clement voice teacher 150 yes
Thomas, Ada Sampson soprano, teacher 159 yes
Toerge, Fred orchestra concertmaster 152
Toerge, George orchestra director 152
Tuesday Musical Club 164
Vaughn, Edward tenor 174 yes
Vierheller, Amanda singer 181 yes
Vogel, Joseph tenor 158 yes
Volkwein Brothers music publishers 185
Von Kunits, Luigi violinist, conductor 176 yes
Wallace-Webster, Jean soprano 156 yes
Wheat, Olive soprano, teacher 167 yes
White, Howard J. singer 180 yes
Wilson, George H. orchestra manager 160 yes
Zimmerman, Paul 155
Zitterbart, Fidelis violinist, conductor, composer 154 yes

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