Pittsburgh Music Information File

The Pittsburgh Music Information File, located in the Music Department at CLP – Main, consists of a large collection of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and other ephemera. The table below was derived from the index card file associated with this collection. The index card file, also located in the Music Department, is the first place to begin the search, because many of the cards also contain small clippings.

Subjects include Pittsburgh musicians, musical groups, orchestras, opera companies, music venues, night clubs, associations, societies, organizations, record companies, choral groups, events, and other topics and people with some connection to Pittsburgh. These are documents that Carnegie Library music librarians collected before the development of the Internet, and include rare and unique items not easily found in other places.

Coverage is strongest from the late 1930’s (when music became a separate department) to 2004.

The Maurice Levy Oral History of Music in Pittsburgh Collection (OHMP) consists of over 300 interviews. All of the interviews have an associated vertical file folder. Most of these contain added printed information similar in nature to this collection. A few contain supplementary recorded material by the person interviewed. The list below indicates if there is a folder in the OHMP file.

For further information about this vertical file collection, contact the Music Department.

Phone: 412.622.3105
E-mail: musicdept@carnegielibrary.org

List of Headings
1-0-1 (Musical Group)
2001 Clubs of America, Chapter of Allegheny County (shelved as "Two Thousand and One")
33 1/3 Productions (shelved as "Thirty-Three and a Third")
A.T.S.(Musical Group)
Abbott, C. W.
Abel, Jeannie
Aber, Charles
Abramovic, Charles
Abreu, Javier
Accelerando Music Conservatory
Ackerman, Edward - see OHMP file
Acoustic Shadows of the Blue and Gray
Adams Michaels Band
Adams, Erlon S.
Adams, John
Adams, Johnny
Adams, Katie
Adams, Timothy K. Jr.
Addicts, The (Musical Group)
Adler, Frederic
Adult music education
Affif, Ron
Affordable Floors
African-American Jazz
African-American Music and Musicians
Afro-American Music Insititute
Aguilera, Christina
Ahlstedt, Douglas
Ahlstedt, Linda
Aitken, Webster
Aiton, Helen Roessing
Alabaster International Star Makers
Albert Elovitz, Inc
Alcantara, Theo
Alex, Anna Lou
Alexei and the Justins
Aliquo, Don, Jr. - see also OHMP file
Aliquo, Don, Sr.
All City Jazz Orchestra
All Hands Round
Allan, Earl E. (Red)
All-City Junior Orchestra and Choir
Allegheny Brass Band
Allegheny Community Theater
Allegheny County Bureau of Cultural Programs
Allegheny County Labor Council. Concerts
Allegheny Dulcimer Club
Allegheny Flute Association
Allegheny Intermediate Unit
Allegheny. Carnegie Hall Organ Recitals
Allen, Geri
Allen, Jeannie
Almarza, Alberto
Aloe, Eugene - see OHMP file
Alston, James "Buster"
Alverson, Lee
Amadeus Chamber Orchestra
Amateur orchestras
Amati Trio
Amato, Donna
Ambler Summer Festival
Ambrits, Stevan G.
Ambrose-Romanos Singers
Amen, Louis A.
America Sings
American College of Musicians. Pittsburgh Chapter
American Composers' Forum
American Events, Inc
American Federation of Labor, Pittsburgh
American Federation of Musicians, Union Local 60-471
American Guild of Organists .Convention 1999 -Pittsburgh
American Guild of Organists. Convention, 1936, 1975
American Guild of Organists.Pittsburgh Chapter
American Guild of Organists.Western Pennsylvania Chapter
American Music Conference Advertising Award
American Music Scholarship Association
American Musicological Society.Allegheny Chapter
American Orff-Schulwerk Association
American Recorder Society
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
American Symphony Orchestra League
American Waterways Wind Orchestra
American Wind Symphony
American Wind Symphony.Competitions
American Wind Symphony.Tours
American Youth Symphony and Chorus
Amper, Leslie
Ampersand Dance Theatre
Anderson, Arthur
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Jack B. - see OHMP file
Anderson, John B.,"Doc"
Anderson, Marian
Anderson, Penny
Anderson, Ray
Anderson, Scott
Andrew Carnegie Free Library (Carnegie) Music Hall
Andrulonis, Julia
Anna Perlow Music School
Anthony, John
Anthony, Ron
Antient Concerts
Anti-Flag (Musical Group)
Antiqua Players
Apollo Club
Apone, Carl - see also OHMP file
Aranyi, Francis
Archer, Frederic
Archer, Harry G.
Armocida, Alfred E.
Armocida, Anna Marie
Armstrong, Bernie
Armstrong, J. Bernie
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John Bernard (Bernie)
Arnell, Artie
Arnell, Robert G,
Arranging. Aline Murphy
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Art Society
Art, the Artist and You - Forum
Arter, Carl - see also OHMP file
Arthur, Robert L.
Artis, Bob
Artistry (Musical Group)
Arts and Crafts Center
Arts Councils
Arts in Education
Arts in the Parks
Arts in the Parks Film Series
Arts Information International
Arty and the Igniters
Artz, Vincent
Asenjo, Gonzalez
Ashby, Jay
Ashby, Marty
Ashes to Ashes (Musical Group)
Ashford, Rob
Ashworth, Donald
Association of Pennsylvania Orchestras
Assumption Theatre Guild
Astron Music (Publishers)
Atkinson, Betty Jane
Atkinson, Donald
Attack Theatre
Attic (Store)
Aubel, Barbara
Augusta Heritage Center
Austern, Linda
Austin, Charles - see OHMP file
Australian Cultural Terrorist (Musical Group)
Auth, Norman J.
Awards - Harry Schwalb Excellence in the Arts Awards
Awards - North Hills Music Club
Awards - Pittsburgh Concert Society
Awards (see also under the names of particular awards)
Axelson, Kenneth
Axis Y, The (Musical Group)
B-3s (Musical Group)
BHQ - see Purcell, Rick
Babcock, Jeff
Bach Choir
Bach, J.S.
Bacha, Ralph
Bachmann, Maria
Bagpipe Music and Dance Performances (Balmoral School of Highland Piping)
Bahnson, Henry
Bailey, Donna
Baird, Eugenie
Baird, John Julius
Bakaleinikoff, Julia
Bakaleinikoff, Sinfonietta
Bakaleinikoff, Vladimir
Baker, Emma Rebecca
Baker, Mark C.
Baker, Mrs. Carrie Angell
Baker, Rick
Balada, Leonardo
Balcony Big Band
Bald Endowment Fund
Balderose, George - see also OHMP file
Baldwin, Samuel A.
Balkan Babes
Balko, Raymond
Ball, James R.
Balter, Margie
Bamboozle Tour
Band Park Concerts
Bandmasters Convention
Bane, Edith
Banjo and Mandolin Club
Banks, Ralph
Barbash, Phyllis S.
Barber, Kelsey
Barbershop Quartets – see also Sweet Adelines9
Barbosa-Lima, Carlos
Barbour, Inez
Barjansky, Serge
Barkin, Jacob
Barnes, Eddie "Rabbit"
Barnes, Irving
Barnet, King David
Barr, Charles
Barrett, Lee
Barrett, Chris
Barrett, Judy
Barrett, Richard H.
Barrie, Clyde
Barris, Roy
Barron, Jennifer
Barstow, Vera
Bartoletti, John S.
Bartoli, Lino
Bartsch, Rhonda
Baseball (see Pirates Baseball)
Baskin, Bernard
Bass, Mickey
Bastille, La Dinner Theatre
Bate, Tom
Bateman, Phyllis
Batyi, George - see OHMP file
Bauer, Erik
Baum, Mildred
Baxter, Maude De Forest
Baxter, Jeanne
Bayard, Sam
Bayernhof Museum
Bayne, Jacqueline
Baynham, Edward G.
Beach, Robert K. "Bob" - see OHMP file
Beal, Denton
Beal, James
Beaner's Nobody System (Musical Group)
Beatles in Pittsburgh
Beautiful Hands
Beaver Co. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Beaver Creek Band
Becasa, George
Bechtold, Robert K.
Beck, Sister Donna Marie - see OHMP file
Becker, Geoffrey
Beckom, O'Labrice - see also OHMP file
Beckstrom, Lynn
Beddoe, Dan
Beddoe, S.T.
Bedford Springs Festival.
Bedford, Clark
Beegle, May
Beegle, William
Beethoven Centenary
Beethoven String Quartet
Beiswenger, John
Bell Choirs
Bell, Charles, Jr.
Bell, John A.
Bellefield Singers
Belli, Dino
Beltram, Victor - see OHMP file
Ben Bolt (song by Kneass)
Benack, Benny
Benack, Claudia
Benedict, John - see also OHMP file
Bene-Duc Program
Benedum Center For the Performing Arts
Ben-Haim, Paul
Benn, Oleta Albertson
Bennett, H.B. - see also OHMP file
Bensen, Michelle
Benson, Carol
Benson, George
Benson, Noel
Benswanger, Wiliam
Berger, Lois
Berger, Marion
Berger, Mervin
Berger, William
Bergmann, O. J.
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Berlin, David
Berliner Family
Bernard, Alexander C.
Bernat, Robert
Bernatz, Gretchen
Bernstein, Florence Goldsmith
Bernstein, Martin
Bernt, Connie - see OHMP file
Bernthaler, Carl
Berry, Marion
Berwyn, Deborah J. - see OHMP file
Best, Harry
Bethel Park High School Band
Betters, Harold
Betters, Jerry
Betz, Florence F.
Bianco, Anthony - see also OHMP file
Biava Quartet
Bicentennials - Various
Bidwell Cultural Center
Bidwell, Marshall
Billy Boy
Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band (Musical Group)
Binotto, Paul
Birscak, Andrea
Bishop, Pete
Bissell, Simeon
Bitter Delores (Musical Group)
Bizet, Georges
Black History Month
Black Musicians
Black, Bernard
Black, Charlotte
Blackwood Wurlitzer
Blair, Nettie Newrohr
Blake, Kenny
Blakey, Art
Blasi, Jack (John) - see OHMP file
Blazing Star Concert Society
Blessed (Gospel Group)
Blindsight (Musical Group)
Blogurt (Musical Group)
Bloom, Robert
Blose, Carl
Blue Laws
Bluegrass Music
Boardwalk Concert Series
Bobby Negri Trio
Bodnar, Amy
Bodycombe, Aneurin
Bodycombe, Henrietta
Bogan, Sandra
Bogus Records
Bohn, Fred - see OHMP file
Boilermaker Jazz Band
Bolden, Frank - see OHMP file
Bollman, Bob
Bon Ton Roulet (Musical Group)
Bond, Victoria
Bone of Contention (Musical Group)
Book, William
Bootleg (Musical Group)
Borch, Gaston
Bordas, David
Borelli, Family
Borkovich, Debra
Borman, Robert G.
Borngraeber, Nadine
Borrelli, Guy
Borrelli, James
Boswell, Robert "Bobby" - see also OHMP file
Botkin, Sara
Botula, Kirk
Boudreau, Robert
Bowe Family
Boxstep (Musical Group)
Boyd Memorial
Boyd, Charles N.
Boys Town Choir
Bradel, Jean
Bradley, Henrietta
Bradshaw, Terry
Brahms Club
Braid (Musical Group)
Bramson, Julia
Brand, Fred
Brandt, Gregory
Brantana, William (Bill Brant) - see OHMP file
Braunstein, Ronald
Brautigam, Paul F. - see also OHMP file
Breach, Joyce
Breeskin, Elias
Breil, Carl
Brenkus, Emil - see OHMP file
Brenon, Grace Damian
Brice, Buck
Brideson, Jeanne
Brindis, Charles
Briney, Mary Martha - see also OHMP file
Brink, Robert
Brletic, John
Broadus, Clyde Edward - see OHMP file
Brock, R. Eliot (Doc)
Brockett, Don
Brockett, H. B. , Jr.
Broglia, Lauren
Bronder, Joseph
Brooks III, Cecil
Brooks, Jay
Bross, Michael
Broudy, David A.
Brourman, Jacques
Brourman, Michelle
Brown, James "Buster"
Brown, Peter
Brown, Ray
Brown, Robert
Brownie Mary (Musical Group)
Browning, James
Brozek, Bernie
Bryan, Joe
Bryant, Felice
Bryant, Walter H. "Slim" - see also OHMP file
BTL Club
Bubas, Joseph - see also OHMP file
Buchner, Jim
Buckel, Thomas
Budarz, Camile
Budke, Mary
Budway, Kathy
Budway, David
Budway, Leo - see also OHMP file
Budway, Maureen
Bugnone, Don
Buhl Foundation
Bull Roper (Musical Group)
Bullock, William
Bumgarner, Emmy Lou
Bund, Dorothy
Bund, Emil
Burco, Ferruccio
Burganger, Judith
Burgos, Kelly
Burke, Marianne
Burky, Kenneth
Burnell, Mark
Burns, Steve
Burton, Benny - see also OHMP file
Busch, Cynthia
Bushman, Louella Mae
Bussman, F.J.
Butera, Kathleen T.
Butler County Symphony Orchestra
Butler, Donald - see OHMP file
Butts, Benjamin Franklin
Buzz Poets
Buzzard, Oscar Roy
Byerly, Virginia
Byrnes, Diane - see OHMP file
Caballero, William
Cabin Fever (Musical Group)
Cacase, Anthony "Pap" - see OHMP file
Cacese, Frank - see also OHMP file
Cadman, Charles
Caffro, Samuel and Rosemarie
Caldwell Quartet
Calhoun, Jeff
California String Quartet
Calliope House
Caloyer, Filia
Calvary Episcopal Church
Calvert, Robert
Camelot Productions
Campbell, Edward
Campbell, Tony
Campion, Donna
Canea (Musical Group)
Canfield, Antoinette
Canfield, Susan
Cannon, Hughie
Cannon, Lelia Wilson Smith
Cantor, Owen
CAPA High School (Creative and Performing Arts)
Capobianco, Tito
Capone, Joseph T. - see OHMP file
Capozzi, Greg
Cappelli, Frank and Patty
Caputo, Anthony F.
Caputo, Domenico
Caputo, Ernie
Capuzzi, Danny
Carazzo, Roberta
Cardenes, Andres
Cardillo, Robert
Cardillo's Club Café
Carducci, Joe
Caribbean Vibes Steel Band
Carlisle, Florence
Carlow College
Carnegie - Mellon University
Carnegie - Mellon University - Awards Festival
Carnegie - Mellon University - Baroque Ensemble
Carnegie - Mellon University - Composers Forum
Carnegie - Mellon University - Flute Performance Workshop
Carnegie - Mellon University - Kiltie Symphony Band
Carnegie - Mellon University - Miscellaneous
Carnegie - Mellon University - Music Extension Division
Carnegie - Mellon University - Opera
Carnegie - Mellon University - Park Players
Carnegie - Mellon University - Scotch and Soda Productions
Carnegie - Mellon University - Student Symphony
Carnegie - Mellon University - Summer Institute
Carnegie - Mellon University - Suzuki Talent Education Program
Carnegie - Mellon University - Theater Company
Carnegie - Mellon University Chamber Players
Carnegie - Mellon University Philharmonic
Carnegie - Mellon University Trio
Carnegie Civic Choral
Carnegie Civic Symphony
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Music & Art Department
Carnegie Museum Summer Sounds Concert
Carnegie Music Hall
Carnegie Music Hall Organ
Carnegie, The - Brochures
Carnegie, The - Christmas Tree Themes
Carnegie, The - Film Music
Carnegie, The - Janitors Chorus
Carnegie, The - Special Concerts
Carra, Lawrence - see OHMP file
Carreno, Theresa
Carreras, Jose
Carrick High School
Carroll, Jean Frances
Carsickness (Musical Group)
Carter, Charles Davis
Caruso, James V.
Caruso, Maria
Carver, William Lester
Casabona, Alberto
Cass Family
Cass, Barbara
Cass, Lee
Cassinelli, Floyd "Flo" - see also OHMP file
Catanese, Nick
Catch Twenty-Two (Musical Group)
Catelinet, Philip
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
Catholic Youth Organization
Caton, Lewis
Caughey, Elford
Cavanaugh, George A.
Cecelia Choir
Cenna, Jack
Center for American Music
Center for Young Musicians
Centers for Musically Talented
Ceremonial Music
Ceveris, Michael E.
Chamber Music
Chamis, Flavio
Chandler (Music Group)
Chang, Richard
Chapo, Eliot
Char (Gospel Performer)
Charles, Chismo
Charles, David - see OHMP file
Charles, Donna
Chatham Baroque
Chatham College
Chatham College Choir
Chatham College Laboratory School of Music
Chatham College News
Chaudhuri, Genevieve
Chautauqua at Pitt
Chavis, Ron
Chedwick, Craig "Porky" - see also OHMP file
Chen, Yi
Chepponis, Father James
Children as Performers
Children, Music for
Children's Academy of Music
Children's Concerts
Children's Festival Chorus
Chirumbolo, Christina (see: Accelerando Music Conservatory)
Chiu, Yee-Ha
Choreographers Continuum
Choruses. North Boros
Choruses. Steel City
Chou, James
Christ United Methodist Church (Bethel Park)
Christ United Methodist Church Choir
Christie, Lou
Christmas Music
Christos, Marianna
Chudnovsky, Yana
Church Choirs
Church Music
Church Music - Jazz
Church Music - Roman Catholic
Church Service; Dance in
Ciancio, Lou
Ciorra, Chuck
Circle W-4 (Musical Group)
City Music Center (Duquesne University)
City Music Center- Chamber Music Festival
City Music Center-Music Soirees
Civic Arena
Civic Club
Civic Light Opera
Civic Light Opera - Charles Gray
Civic Light Opera - New Horizons Program
Civic Light Opera - Pink Frolic
Civic Light Opera (1945-1964)
Civic Light Opera (1965-1974)
Civic Light Opera (1975-1984)
Civic Light Opera (1985)
Civic Light Opera (1989)
Civic Light Opera (1999)
Clark, David L.
Clark, Harry - see OHMP file
Clark, Mary Inez
Clark, Chester W
Clarke, Blanche
Clarke, Karen J.
Clarke, Kenny
Clarke, Marion Gregus - see OHMP file
Clarke, Robert
Clarks (Musical Group)
Classical Music
Claus, John
Claypool, Wilma
Clef Concert Association of Pittsburgh
Clemmons, Francois
Clemson, Christine Miller
Club Duo
Clubs (1)
Clubs (2)
Clubs (3)
Clubs (see also under the names of particular nightclubs)
Coal Country Traditions
Cocktail Nation
Coelle, Heino - see OHMP file
Coffini, Joseph
Coger, Fredrick "Boka"
Cohan, Yaacov (music teacher)
Cohen, Carl - see OHMP file
Cohen, Fannie - see OHMP file
Cohen, Sydney (1)
Cohen, Sydney (2)
Cole, William
Coleman, Alex
Coleman, Harry
Coley, Lelia
Coll, Ethel
Coll, Jason
Colleran, William ("Mac Martin") - see also OHMP file
Collins, Catherine Wallace
Collins, Mrs. Earl B.
Collins, Priscilla Williams (Mrs. Winthrop)
Collins, William
Colloquium for Contemporary Music
Colosimo, Joseph
Coltman, John
Columbus Day Parade
Colville, Annie
Colwell, Dennis
Commonwealth Ancients Band of Musick
Community College of Allegheny County
Community College of Allegheny County Band
Community Folk Dancers
Community of Healing Artists and Musicians
Community Performing Arts Series
Como, Perry
Comorada, Jeannette
Composer's Clinic
Composers' Forum (1)
Composers' Forum (2)
Composers' Forum (3)
Con Spirito (Musical Group)
Concert Artists of Pittsburgh-New Friends of Music
Concert Audiences
Concert Bureaus
Concert for the Hungry
Concert Management
Concert Trio of Pittsburgh
Conductors' Conference 1956
Conley Dinner Theatre
Conn, Danny
Conneaut Lake Jazz Party
Connelly, Frank
Connelly, William
Conner, Alicia
Conscious Pilot (Musical Group)
Conservatory Studio of Music
Constable, Dan ("Danny Conn") - see OHMP file
Contests - American Guild of Organists (Pittsburgh Chapter)
Contests - Friends of Harvey Gaul
Contests - GEM Award
Contests - Leontyne Price Vocal Arts Competition
Contests - Musicians Club of Pittsburgh
Contests - Passamaneck
Contests - Three Rivers Piano Competition
Controulis, Emily
Conventions - American Guild of Organists
Conventions - National Association of Negro Musicians
Cook, Barney
Cook, Jeff Holland
Cooper, Bob
Cooper, Cornell
Cooper, D.C.
Cooper, Demareus
Cooper, Isabel
Corbett, Harry - see OHMP file
Corbin and Hasnner
Corbin, Bob
Corby, Chuck
Corda, John J.
Corey, Jill
Cornetti, Marianne
Coro Latinoamericano
Corwin, K. Earl
Cossie, Tom
Costa, Johnny - see also OHMP file
Cotton Pick'n Cloggers
Country Dance and Song Society of Pittsburgh
Country Gentlemen Hillbilly Band
Country Music
Cousins from Pittsburgh
Couthoui, Jesse - Concert
Covenant Seekers Opera Company
Cox, Etta
Coy, Bill
Coyner, Lou
Craft, Charles
Craig, Don
Crandall, Virginia
Crantz, David - see OHMP file
Crash Avalon (Musical Group)
Crayon Death (Musical Group)
Creative Music
Creatore, Guiseppe
Creelman, Albert
Crichlow, Verna - see OHMP file
Crisis Car (Musical Group)
Croan, Robert - see also OHMP file
Croker, Catharine
Cronauer, Adrian
Crucible Steel Co. of America
Crum, Ellen
Crummie, Raymond James - see also OHMP file
Cuarteto Latinoamericano (Musical Group)
Cubelic Family
Cuden, Steve
Cuff, The (Musical Group)
Cultural Activities
Cunimondo, Frank - see also OHMP file
Cunimondo's Keyboard
Cunningham Family
Cunningham, Jim
Cunningham, Roberta
Curlette, Bruce
Curry, Ralph
Curry, William
Custer, Mark
Cuthbert, Frank
Cyclones (Musical Group)
Cynics (Musical Group)
Cyphers, Edward P.
D.O.S.E.(Musical Group)
Dacal, Rosemda
Dailey, Bill
Dale, Grover
Dalton, Lacy J.
Dalzell, Ruth H.
Damaged Pies, The (Musical Group)
D'Amico, Louise Vella
Dance - Pittsburgh
Dance Alloy
Dance Awards
Dance Teachers Guild
Dancin' Demons
Dancing Linda (Musical Group)
Danials, Melvin
Dannenberg, Roger
Daugherty, Karen
Dave Harger Group
David and Absalom
David H. Light Memorial Record Library
Davidson, Eero W.
Davidson, Emily Norman
Davidson, J.E. - see OHMP file
Davidson, John
Davidson, Marilyn & Sharon
Davidson, Rebecca
Davies, Richard (Reverend) - see OHMP file
Davies, T.J.
Davis, Arthur
Davis, Donna
Davis, Florence
Davis, Hal
Davis, Irene - see OHMP file
Davis, Jeanine
Davis, Josephine
Davis, Nathan - see also OHMP file
Davis, Velma
Davis, Wells
Dawes, Zita
Dawson, Mary Cardwell
Deaf, Music for the
DeAlmeida, Cynthia Koledo
Dean, Donna
Dear Friends
Deasy, Bill
DeBacker, Pierre
DeBence Family
DeBlasis, James
DeBrozze, Louis J.
Decade (Nightclub)
Decade Records
Deck, Sr. Rosalie & Sr. Rosamonde
DeFloria, Vince
Del Bianco, Oscar
Del Monte Band
Del Monte, Frederick L.
Del Rosso, Charles
Delfs, Andreas
Dell, William - see OHMP file
Delligatti, Paula
DeLuca, Henry
Dembaugh, William
Demmler, Dorothy - see OHMP file
Demmler, Oscar
Denby, Charles
Denda, Elena (Gigi)
Denning, DeAnna Dawn
Dennis, Archie L., Jr.
Denues, Elizabeth
Derdeyn, Sylvie
Dermitt, Edward
DeRosa, Ottavio
DeRoy, Jamie
DeStefano, Ralph
Dett, Ordering of Moses
DeVall, Mitch
Devi, Ratan
Devilish Merry (Irish Band)
Dharma Sons (Musical Group)
Di Battiste, Nick
Di Ianni, Nunzio - see OHMP file
Di Pasquale, Henry - see OHMP file
Di Primio, Samuel
Diadamo, Linda
Diamond Haze
Diamond Reo
DiBucci, Michelle
DiCarlo, Bonnie
DiCenzo, Panfilo
DiCesare, Pat
Dicesare-Engler Productions
Dierks, Hattie
Dieselboy (Damian Higgins)
Dietrich, Robert S.
DiLeo Family
DiLeo, Frank
Dinner Theater
D'Invilliers, Sr.,Camille Marie
Diocesan Choir Festival
Dippell, Andreas
Dirty Faces (Musical Group)
Dise, J. Alvin
Distractions, The (Musical Group)
D'Ivernois, Jean Phillipe
Dixie Travelers
Dixit, Balwant - see OHMP file
Dixon, Tommy
Dizzy's (Nightclub)
Doan, Colling
Dobie, William Charles - see also OHMP file
Dobrovolsky, Boris M.
Dobson, James
Dodds, Mrs. Gertrude Robinson
Dogwood (Musical Group)
Dohnanyi, Christof Von
Doktorski, Henry
Dolphin, Dwayne
Dombrowski, Michael H
Don Caballero (Musical Group)
Donnelly, Alice Sapienza - see OHMP file
Donner, Alex
Donovan, Jim
Donovan, Maud Francis
Doody, Mary Ann
Doreza, Mary - see OHMP file
Dorian, Frederick
Dorian, Judith Meibach - see OHMP file
Dornberger, Phillip
Dornenburg, John
Dorsch, Brunhilde
Dorsey, Bill
Dorsey, Neil - see OHMP file
Doschek, Louise
Dowe, Al
Downs, Donald - see also OHMP file
Downtown Choral
Drake, Dusty
Dreher, David
Drittelle, Ana
Drown, Douglas F.
Drown, Elmer L.
Drowning, The (Musical Group)
Drum and Bugle Corps
Dub Squad
Dudley, Cordell
Dudley, Mary Dee
Duffy, Frances
Duffy, Regis Joseph
Dugan, Betty (Gawlas) - see also OHMP file
Dulcimer Makers and Manufacturers
Dumesnil, Maurice
Dunlap, Anna Simmons "Birdie"
Dunn, Kevin
Duo Grishman Chiu
Duquesne Opera Company
Duquesne University
Duquesne University - Duquesne Big Band
Duquesne University Center for New Music
Duquesne University Guitar and Bass Workshop
Duquesne University Mid-East Music Festival
Duquesne University Opera Workshop
Duquesne University School of Music
Duquesne University Tamburitzans
Duran, Andy
Dvorsky, George
Dzugan, Eric
Eakin, Vera
Earhart, Mrs. Will
Earhart, Will
Earnest, Walter C.
East End Collective (Nightclub)
East Liberty Chamber Music Players
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
East Liberty Symphony Orchestra
Eat'N Park Singers
Eaton, Jonathan
Eberhart, Constance
Eberhart, Nelle Richmond
Ebert, Harry J. - see also OHMP file
Eckstine, Billy
Eddisons, The (Musical Group)
Edgar, Mrs. Matilda Flinn
Edgewood Symphony Orchestra
Educational Agencies for Music in Pittsburgh
Edwards, Brian
Edwards, John S.
Egan, Robert
Eger, Joseph
Egerman, Jeannette
Eibeck, Walter (Singer, Barbershop Quartets)
Eicher, Eugene
Eighth St. Rox (Musical Group) [8th St. Rox]
Eintracht Singing and Musical Society
Eisner, Alice Gerber - see also OHMP file
Eisner, Leonard
Elderkin, Eleanor
Eldridge, Roy
Electric Banana (Nightclub)
Electronic Musicians
Eleventh Hour (Musical Group) [11th Hour]
Elko Productions
Elliot, Baron - see OHMP file
Ellis School
Ellis, Monica
Ellisher, Frank J.
Ellsworth, Gene
Ellwood City Area Civic Chorale
Elmer, John
Elson, Howard
Emil Bund Memorial Collection
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Endo, Akira
Engel, Ivan
Engle, Paul E. - see OHMP file
Engler, Rich
English, Clyde N.
Erickson, Sumner
Esposito, Joseph (Music Studio)
Ernst, Grace
Eschenbach, Christoph
Espaillat, Ulises
Esposito, Joseph (Music Studio)
Esposito, Joseph, Jr. (Mrs.)
Espy, Carol Lee
Esser, Ronald - see OHMP file
Eternity (Musical Group)
European War
Evans, Cheryl
Evans, Margaret
Evans, Ralph
Evanson, Jacob A.
Evens, William
Executives, Arts
Exxonaffiliate Artists Program
Eyermann, Tim
Eyles, Lee
Fabrizi, Eugene "Babe"
Faigen, Tina
Faleder, Frances
Falgione, Jason
Faloon, Marty
Falotico Family
Famous Rider Cultural Center
Fantastic Plastic (Musical Group)
Farkas, Edith
Farley, John
Farlow, William
Farrar, Art - see also OHMP file
Father Paul ["Father Paul"]
Faught, Kimberlee
Faull, Ellen
Fawcett, Walter H.
Fay, Thomas F.
Feeney, Anne - see also OHMP file
Fejka, Darlene - see OHMP file
Fejka, Richard and Susan
Feldman, Murray
Fellner, Rudolph
Fellows Club
Fenstersheib, Martin
Ferguson, Ivan W.
Ferla, Jim
Ferrall, Elsie M.
Ferrella, Sam
Ferriero, Maria
Ferro, Jane - see OHMP file
Festa Delle Belle Arti
Festivals, Music - U.S. National Folk Festival
Fiedler, John
Fielder, Dale
Fielding, Jerry
Fillion, Ferdinand
Fine Arts Brass Quintet
Fine Arts Ensemble of Pittsburgh
Fine Arts Players
Fine Arts String Quartet
Fink, Beate
Finn, Kevin
Finney, Theodore
First Baptist Church
First Night
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh Choir
First Presbyterian Church, Greensburg, PA
First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh
Fischer, August H.
Fischer, Frank - see also OHMP file
Fischer, Richard S.
Fischer, Robert
Fisher, Gladys Washburn
Fisher, Kenny
Fite, Ruby
Fitz - Randolph, Madame Katherine Timbermann
Fitzgerald, D.C. (Delbert Clyde) - see OHMP file
Five Guys Named Moe (Musical Group)
Flaherty, "Cactus Jack"
Flaherty, Stephen
Flashcats (Musical Group)
Flecker, George - see OHMP file
Fleeson, Neville
Fleming, Daryl Leroi
Fleming, Renee
Fleming, Stanley T.
Flinn, Mathilda
Floyd, H. Alan
Flucker, Johnson
Flusser, Richard
Flute Makers and Manufacturers
Flynn, Thomas
Foerster, Adolph M.
Foley, Dr. Tom
Folk Dancing
Folk Music
Folk Promoters
Force Field (Musical Group)
Forenz Quartet
Foster, Jean Proctor
Foster, Pamela
Foster, Stephen Collins
Foundry (Nightclub)
Fountain, Robin
Four Dots
Fox Chapel Episcopal Church
Fox Family (Paul and Donna)
Foy, Leonore Gordon
Franco, Esther Emma
Francois, G. M.
Frank, Malke - see OHMP file
Franklin, Charles W.
Franklin, Christopher
Franklin, Don
Franklin, Harry - see also OHMP file
Franklin, Richard
Frantz, Chris
Franz, Grertchen
Franze, Joe - see also OHMP file
Fraser, Barbara
Frauenheim, Norman
Freed Family. Biddie, Suzie, and Tim
Freeman, Peggy Pierce - see also OHMP file
Frelke Sutter, Rose Elizabeth
Fremstad, Mme. Olive
French, Pat - see OHMP file
Fresh (Musical Group)
Frey, Matthew
Frezza, Christine Anne
Frick Art and Historical Center (Clayton)
Frick Art Museum (Point Breeze)
Friedland, Ann Robin
Friedman, Edith
Friedman, Janice
Friends of Harvey Gaul
Friends of the Carnegie's Performing Arts
Friends of the Music Library
Friends of the Music Library - Publicity
Frisch, August
Frisch, Roger
Frisch, Wilbert - see also OHMP file
Fritsch, Betsey - see OHMP file
Fritsche, Steven
Fritzges, Mark
Froelich, Dorothy
Frohsinn Society
Front Street (Musical Group)
Frontline (Musical Group)
Fulton, Bobbie and Bobby
Fulton, John
Fulton, Rev. Bobby - see OHMP file
Fuzzy Comets (Musical Group)
G - Force (Musical Group)
Gadd, Charmian
Galardy, Anna Maria
Galbraith, Byron A.
Galbraith, Harry
Galbraith, Jean
Galbraith, Nancy
Galbreath, Wayne
Gale, Richard - see OHMP file
Gallagher, Craig
Gallagher, John
Gallup, Mrs. Edward H.
Gamberoni, Kathryn
Gammiere, Edward J.
Ganjineh, Rana
Garber, Willie
Garden (Musical Group)
Gardner, Catherine Cardwell - see OHMP file
Gargaro Productions
Gargaro, Ken
Garman, Brian
Garner, Erroll
Garner, Linton
Garratt, George
Garratt, Lou
Gaston, Marion Faber
Gateway Records
Gateway to Music, Inc
Gathering Field (Musical Group)
Gatty, Ron
Gatwood, Elden J.
Gatz, Felix M.
Gau, Meng
Gaudi, Christopher
Gaughan, Jack
Gaul, Harriet Avery (Mrs. Harvey)
Gaul, Harvey
Gaydos , Thomas V
Gaydos, Stephen and Cohen , Scott
Gee, George
Geffner, Deborah
Geiger, Richard H.
Genaux, Vivica
Gendell, Dr. Howard
Gene Kelly Awards
General Clippings [?]
General Forbes House
Genet, Marianne
Geneva College
Genre, Vic
George Washington Carver Band
Gerhard, Jennifer
Gerlach, Malcom
Germain, Corrine Holmes
Germani, Fernando
Gernert, John
Geruschat and Maclaine Productions
Geruschat, Carl
Gerville - Reache, Jeanne
Get Hip / Skyclad Records
Gewirtz, Joseph
Gibala, Leo
Gibala, Richard
Gibson, Lawrence
Gibson, Richard
Gielas, Robert J.
Gift of Song
Gilbert, Paul
Giles, Alice
Giles, E. E.
Gillespie, Frank
Gillespie, Joe and Honneffer, Paul
Gillot, Claire
Ginsburg, Ellen
Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis)
Girol, Anthony J.
Gittings, Joseph H.
Glass Harmonica
Glavin, Kevin J.
Glick, David
Glister (Musical Group)
Glockner, Eleanor
Glorious Rebirth (Choir)
Godart, Charlie
Goehring, Edmund M.
Goins, Wendell
Goldberg, Bernard - see also OHMP file
Goldberg, Eugene
Goldberg, Lawrence
Goldby, Harry C.
Goldsmith, John
Gollwitzer, George
Gollwitzer, Gustav F.
Gonzales, Irma
Good Music Every Day Campaign
Good Neighbors Band
Goodlette, Walter
Goodman, Ailene
Goodman, Mary
Goodrich, David - see OHMP file
Goodrum, Britha V.
Goodwin, Charles "Doug"
Goray, John
Gordon, Nathan
Gordon, Valerie
Gorham, Francis - see OHMP file
Gorham, Sr.Francis Assisi
Gorman, Rita Phillipi
Gorton, Heidi van Hoesen
Gospel Music
Gospel Music Ministries International
Gospel Tradition (Musical Group)
Gossard, Helen
Gothic Industrial Bands
Gould, Morton
Gould, Patricia
Graffiti Rock Challenge
Graham, Fannie Martin - see OHMP file
Grame, Theodore C.
Granneman, Kate M. - see OHMP file
Grauer, Victor
Gray, Carolyn
Gray, Charles
Great American Guitar Assault
Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance
Greater Pittsburgh Gospel Music Center
Grebanier, Michael
Grecian Odyssey Dancers
Green, Thomas - see OHMP file
Greenberg, Herbert
Greenberg, Robert
Greene, Mrs. James H.
Greenewalt, Mrs. M. H.
Greeno, Paul
Greensburg Area Cultural Council
Grefenstette, Carl M. - see also OHMP file
Gregor, Martin
Gregorian Institute of Sacred Music
Gregurich, John
Greig, Harold W.
Gretchaninoff, Alexander
Griffin, Patricia
Griffin, Ray
Griffith, Joseph B.
Griffith, W. Y.
Griffiths, Anne
Grilli, Mario
Grinder, Bruce
Grishman, Alan
Griswold, Robert
Grkman, Joe (and Family)
Groban, Josh
Grogan, Clarence J.
Gross, Aaron
Grossman, George
Grote, Esther
Gruber, Richard
Grushecky, Joe
Guaracha (Musical Group)
Guerra, Jim
Guevarra, Lucille - see OHMP file
Gugala, Sara Marie
Guitar Makers
Guitar Society of Fine Art
Gumbert, Ruth Seaman
Gumbita, Jerry
Gusikoff, Michel
Gusky, Leo
Guthoerl Family
Guthoerl, Irma
Gutierrez, Salome - see OHMP file
Gymanfa Ganu
Haber, John
Hageman, Minnie V.
Hahn, Christopher - see also OHMP file
Hairston, Jester
Hajdukiewicz, James P.
Hallen, Philip - see OHMP file
Halliday, David, Jr.
Halo Effect (Musical Group)
Halteman, Mrs. Eber K.
Hamburger, Martin - see OHMP file
Hamilton Co., The S.
Hamilton Singers
Hamilton, Paul H.
Hamilton, Peter
Hamilton, William
Hamlisch, Marvin
Hampton, Wayne
Hancock, Louis Joseph
Handbell Choirs
Handzlik, Jean
Hanlon, Laura & Dan
Hannas, J. (Nightclub)
Hanner, Dave
Hanner, Dave - see OHMP file
Harambee Festival
Harambee I and II Festival of Black Arts
Harbert, Art
Harbison, John
Harding, Julia Morgan
Hardy, Mary Craft - see OHMP file
Hardy, Ruby Young - see OHMP file
Harger, Dave
Hargus, Harriett
Harmony Singers
Harmony Sun
Harp Renaissance Society
Harper, Walt
Harper's (Nightclub)
Harpischord Makers
Harpsichord Maker - note: this is different from Harpsichord Makers
Harris, Douglas
Harris, Elvira
Harris, Henry
Harris, Joanna
Harris, Joe
Harris, Joseph "Joe" - see also OHMP file
Harris, Philip
Harris, Ross - see also OHMP file
Harris, Roy
Harrison, John
Harrity, V. Lee
Hart, J. David
Harth Family
Harth, Sidney - see also OHMP file
Hartman, Jody
Hartwood Acres
Hartwood Acres (Festival)
Harvey Gaul Composition Competition
Harvin, Willie Hill
Hasinger, John
Haslett, Terri
Haupt, Margaret
Haviland, Shirley
Hawk, Stephen
Hawkins, Ernest "Ernie" - see also OHMP file
Hawkins, Evelynn
Hayes, Silvia Sconza Schmidt - see OHMP file
Haywire (Musical Group)
Heagy, Dolores - see also OHMP file
Heard, John
Heaton, Charles Huddleston - see also OHMP file
Heckman, Ronald A.
Hector in Paris (Musical Group)
Hee-Sun, Kim - see OHMP file
Heffley, Eugene C.
Heid Family
Heid Productions
Heilman, Lenetta Margaret
Heinroth, Charles
Heinz Chapel Anthems
Heinz Chapel Choir
Heinz Chapel Organ
Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts
Heinz, H. John III
Heinz, Henry J. II
Held, Lillie
Helfant, Ethel
Helfenbein, Oscar
Heller, Jackie
Heller, Larry
Hempfield Community Orchestra
Henderson, Thomas Winton
Hendry, Leonard "Len" - see also OHMP file
Hennig, Emil
Henninger, Thomas F.
Henry Mancini Musical Theatre Awards
Henry, Suzanne
Herbert, Victor
Herbst, Lois
Herman, Allen
Herman, Vince
Herminie Button Box Band
Hersh, Ida Rae
Hershey, Suzanne - see OHMP file
Hershman, Michelle McHenry
Hertel, Erwin
Herwig, George D.
Herz, Henri
Hess, Myra
Hesselius, Gustavus
Hestin, Chris
Heuber, Paul M.
Hewlett, Pete
Heyl, Sr. Rosemary
Hibbard, John A.
Hickling, Thom - see OHMP file
Hidden Valley Jazz Festival
Hierholzer, Leo
Highcroft Learning and Performace Center for the Arts
Hildenbrand, Wilbert C.
Hill City Military Band
Hill House
Hill, Eddie
Hill, Ralph - see OHMP file
Hiller, Joe
Hillhouse, Richie
Hillman, Marguerite
Hilmer, Caroline
Hilton Meadowlands
Hilty, Malcolm
Hinds, William "Bill" - see OHMP file
Hines, Earl "Fatha"
Hip - Hop
Hipster Dufus (Musical Group)
Hirsh, Hiram D.
Hispanic Music
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
History, Pittsburgh Music (various)
Hitt, Jay
Hockenberry, William
Hodges, Fletcher
Hodges, Fletcher, Jr. - see OHMP file
Hoesen, Gretchen Van
Hoffman, Antonia
Hoffman, August William
Hoffrichter, Bertha - see OHMP file
Holiday House
Holland, Bernard
Hollingsworth, Sam
Hollis, Nate
Hollowood, Don - see OHMP file
Hollowood, James W.
Holmes Germain, Corinne
Holste, Ben
Holt, John
Holtz, Arthur J.
Homburg, Al - see also OHMP file
Homer, Louise
Homza, Eli
Honneffer, Paul
Hood, Allen
Hoover, Ann
Hoover, Edgar
Hopkins, Larry
Horchak, George
Horelick, Peter
Horelick, Steve
Horn and Whistle Fair
Horn, Charles Edward
Hornberger, Fred P. - see OHMP file
Horne, Lena
Horne, Margaret
Horner, Jerry
Hospital Workshop
Hoss, Wendell
Hot Matzohs (Musical Group)
Hotlicks (Nightclub)
Houggy, Ebba L.
House of Soul
Houserockers (Musical Group)
Howard, Helen Denny
Hoyt, Thomas
Hrablak, Julius
Huehn, Julius
Huggins, Mark
Hughes, Chelsey
Hughes, Debbie
Hughes, Richard - see OHMP file
Hughes, Rupert
Huguley, Neal - see also OHMP file
Huhn, Clara Mary
Humphrey, Margaret and Rebecca
Humphries, Roger
Hunger, Joseph
Hunt, Brad
Hunter, Eileen
Hunter, James C.
Huot, Joseph - see OHMP file
Hurl (Musical Group)
Hurricanes (Musical Group)
Husemen, L. E.
Hutchins, Tim
Hutchinson, Robert
Huybrechts, Louis H.
Huysman, Eula Edson
Hyeholde Cabaret
Hyman, Phyllis
Hymn Singing Festival
I Campagnoli
I.C.Light Rock Challenge
Iannota, Victoria
Iglar, David
Illusions (Nightclub)
Imani Winds (Musical Group)
Imperatore, Attilio (Lee Barrett) - see OHMP file
In and About Pittsburgh Music Educators Club
In Pittsburgh
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Injeian, Phillip
Institute for Gounod Studies
Instrument Repair
Instruments, Musical
Intercollegiate Chorale
International Assn. for Study of Popular Music USA Chapter
International Composers Forum
International Exhibition of Art 1964-65
International Poetry Forum
International Society for Contemporary Music
Iola, Ida (Molinare) - see OHMP file
Ionian Chamber Players
Irene Kaufmann Settlement
Iris, Donnie
Iron City Houserockers (Musical Group)
Irvin, Tiny
Irwin Male Chorus
Istomin, Eugene
Istomin, Mikhail
Italian Cultural Heritage Society of W. PA
Ivy Leaf School of Irish Music
J.I.V.E. (Musical Group)
Jack, Charles S.
Jackson, Bullmoose
Jackson, Lydelle
Jacob, Gretchen Schmertz - see also OHMP file
Jacobs, Paul
Jaffe, Tony
Jaggerz (Musical Group)
Jakoski, Chester - see OHMP file
Jamal, Ahmad
James, Francis
Jamison, Beulah
Jamison, Lynda
Janis, Byron
Janson, Selmar
Janson, Thomas
Jansons, Mariss
Jasiewicz, Edward
Jasiewicz, Janina
Jasiewicz, Nancy
Jawelak, Anthony
Jaxheimer, Mrs. J. Henry
Jayme, William North
Jaynes, Reid
Jayourba, Kwasi
Jazz Hall of Fame
Jazz on Liberty (Nightclub)
Jazz Promoters
JCC Concert Orchestra
JCC Concert Orchestra
Jeannette Community Band
Jefferson, Eddie
Jekyll & Hyde (musical)
Jenkins, Joseph Wilcox
Jenkins, Joseph Willcox
Jennings, Jane
Jennings, Patricia Prattis - see also OHMP file
Jennings-Smith, David - see OHMP file
Jerry's Records
Jet Set (Supper Club Music)
Jewish Community Center of Pittsburgh
Jimmerson, Jeff
Jobin, Raoul
Joe Grkman Band
Johanos, Donald
Johnny Angel and the Halos (Musical Group)
Johns, Louis Edgar
Johnson, Albert - see OHMP file
Johnson, Alfred Hermann
Johnson, Christine
Johnson, Eric
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Jack
Johnson, Jackie Ava
Johnson, James, Dr.
Johnson, Lucile
Johnson, Maudelena Guess
Johnson, Pam
Johnson, Sam
Johnson's Big Band (Musical Group)
Johnstown PA Symphony
Jones Jr. , Robert L. "Bobby" - see OHMP file
Jones, Alton
Jones, Carlton
Jones, George - see OHMP file
Jones, James Earl
Jones, Jimmy
Jones, Lance
Jones, Larry Lee
Jones, Shirley
Jones, Walter
Jordan, Lillie M.
Jordanoff, Christine - see OHMP file
Jordanoff, Nicholas - see also OHMP file
Josie, Marva
Juarez, Salvador
Juke Boxes
Julian Williams Choral Ensemble
Junior Mendelssohn Choir
Junior New Friends of Music
Junior Tamburitzans
Jurasovic, Olga
Kadak, Lillian
Kadamenos, George
Kaelin, Ronald - see OHMP file
Kagan, Pescha
Kahle, Dennis
Kalik, Frank
Kalteis, Otto
Kampmeinert, Betsy
Kane Hospital
Kane, Janet
Kanfoush, Cheryl
Kao, Huei-Sheng
Kaplan, Sid - see OHMP file
Kaplan, Van
Karanen, Tyko
Karl Hendricks Trio (Musical Group)
Karp, Barbara
Karp, Ilse
Karp, Richard
Karsh, Claryne Leatrice - see also OHMP file
Kasanoff, Julia Gibansky
Kauffman, Irvin
Kaufman, George S.
Kaufman, Minna
Kaye, Joseph
KDKA Radio
Kealey Clark, Blanche
Keeble, Glendinning
Keen, Bruce
Keenan, Gerald
Keener, Suzanne
Keil, Henriette
Keister, Mrs. Albert F.
Keller, Jennifer
Kelley, Chauncey
Kelly, Gene
Kelly, Randolph
Kelton, Lee
Kennametal Chorale
Kennedy, Carolyn
Kennedy, Don T.
Kennedy, Joseph J., III - see OHMP file
Kennedy, Pat
Kennedy, Reed
Kerberle, David
Kerin, Frank - see OHMP file
Kerr, The Rev. Hugh Thomson
Kessler, Dr. Laibe
Kettring, Donald D.
Kettring, Mrs.Donald D.
Khaner, Jeffrey
Kids After Dark (Musical Group)
Kidwell, Cecil
Kieferle, John
Kiener, Richard
Kihonia, Elie - see OHMP file
Kill Bossa (Musical Group)
Killikelly, Sarah Hutchins
Kim, Joe Shim
Kimmel, Joan - see OHMP file
King - Smith,Ceinwen
King, Peter
King, Warren
Kingdom Come (Musical Group)
Kingfish (AKA King, Warren)
Kingsley Little Symphony
Kirby, John "Tim" - see also OHMP file
Kirby, Tim
Kirk, Alice
Kirk, Lisa
Kirk, Thomas F.
Kirkpatrick, Mother Benigna
Kiski Area High School Band
Kissel, Daria
Kistner Family Band
Kitchen, William
Klamp (Musical Group)
Kleber, Henry
Kleber, Louis
Klee, Barbara
Klein, Travis - see OHMP file
Klemperer, Otto
Kliachko, Samuel
Kloss, Alton G. - see OHMP file
Kloss, Eric
Kloss, Sherry
Klotz, Jeffrey
Klug, Gerry
Knake, Herman Theodore
Knapp, Jewel
Kneass, Nelson
Knight, Helen
Knight, Richard
Knox, James W. - see OHMP file
Knox, Ruth Thoburn
Koch, Casper
Koch, Myra
Koch, Paul
Koch, Paul - see OHMP file
Kodaly, Zoltan
Koenigsberg, Chris
Koerner, Paul F.
Kogan, Peter
Kohl, A. George - see OHMP file
Kohlman, Churchill
Kohn, Andrew
Kolar, Walter - see OHMP file
Kolberg, Hugo
Komichak, Michael - see also OHMP file
Kondrat, Gloria C. - see OHMP file
Kool Jazz Festival
Kopcik, Janet
Korean Christian Students
Kountz, Buzzy
Kountz, Richard
Kovach, Gerald "Jerry" - see OHMP file
Koval, Nestor
Kozikova, Marcella
Kraber, G. A.
Kraevsky, Igor
Krazy Klezmer (Musical Group)
Krebs, Beatrice - see also OHMP file
Kreiling, Eda S.
Kreimer, Mildred
Kreis, Robert
Krepps Family
Kritz, Gloria
Kritz, Karl
Kruczek, Leo
Kruger, Cecilia - see OHMP file
Kruger, Ottilie
Krysty, Dave - see also OHMP file
Kschier Family
Kschier, Loman
Kschier, Louis - see also OHMP file
Kubelik, Rafael
Kubey, Arthur
Kubey, Phyllis Jo
Kucera, James
Kuhn, Francis
Kuhn, J. Craig - see OHMP file
Kuhns, Edmund Denman
Kukich, Daniel - see OHMP file
Kunits, Luigi von
Kunst, Ethel
Kuumba Trust
Kuzma, Timothy - see OHMP file
Kwalwasser, Helen
Kyser, Kay
La Roche College
Labinger, Sherry
Labor Arts Celebration
Labor Arts Festival
Laboratory School of Music
Labounsky, Ann
Lacey, Florence
Lahmer, Rauel
Laitta, Christine
Lakes, Gary
Lalama, Ralph
Landefeld, Lorraine
Lang, Marguerite
Langevin, Kenneth
Langevin, Robert
Langlais, Jean
Lankester, Michael
Lanza, Arnie
Lanza, Mario
Lappe, Doris
Lappe, W. de Forest
Larimer, James
Larner, Jacques
Larson, William
Lascheid, Vince - see also OHMP file
Laser Shows
Lassman, Nancy
Latin American Choir of Pittsburgh
Latin Music
Latinovich, Zoltan
Latterman, Dorothy
Lauble, Emily
Lauder, Sir Harry
Laufe, Abe
Laurels, The (Musical Group)
Lavella, Mike
Lavelle, Thomas F.
Lawlor, James Reed
Lawrence, Betsy
Lawrence, Keith
Lawton, Mildred
Layefsky, Godfrey
Lazear, Edith Canter
Lazzlo, Ervin
Leach, William S.
Leavy, Joan
Lebaron, Anne
Lebeau, Mrs. William
Lee, Elaine
Lee, Eunice
Lee, Sung-Sook
Lee, Terry
Leeds, Eric
Left, The (Musical Group)
Lehman, Ray - see OHMP file
Leibert, Dick
Leich, Roland - see also OHMP file
Lemare, Edwin H.
Lemons, Bill
Lendyak, Mike
LeNoir, Lennita
Leonard, Stanley
Lerch, Louise
Lerner, Mimi - see also OHMP file
Leroy, Bill
Lescsak, Joseph
Leslie, Diane
Letcher, Ernest
Letourneau, Elise
Let's Dancers
Letter Carriers Band (Musical Group)
Letters to Cleo (Musical Group)
Levant, Howard
Levant, Oscar
Levenson, Joyce
Levin, Stanley H. - see also OHMP file
Levine, Betty K. - see OHMP file
Levine, Evelyn Light - see OHMP file
Levine, Henry
Levine, Jerome
Levy, Maurice - see OHMP file
Lewando Memorial Fund
Lewando, Frances
Lewando, Ralph
Lewis, Kaila
Lewis, Langston
Lewis, Virginia Carter - see also OHMP file
Leyshon, Stephen Huntington
Lezhnev, Vsevolod
Li, Hanni
Li, William
Liberty Avenue (Musical Show)
Liberty Center
Lieberaski-Nowicki, Barbara
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Jazz Festival
Light, David H.
Light, Enoch
Light, Herman B.
Lilly, Josiah Kirby
Lin, Albert
Lindsay, Bess M.
Linge, M. Kennedy
Linn, Natalie Rothermel
Linn, Regina
Lipinski, Genevieve
Lipman, Michael
Lippa, Kate Ockleston
Lipscomb, Joseph
Lirette, Charles Elliot
Lissfelt, J. Fred
Lissfelt, Mildred
Listemann Brothers
Litchfield, Mrs.Lawrence
Litman, Leonard "Lenny" - see also OHMP file
Little Singers of Eastmont
Little Symphony Orchestra
Little Wretches (Musical Group)
Littman, Henrietta - see also OHMP file
Live Music
Lively, John - see also OHMP file
Livingston, Jay
LJ Records
Llewellyn, Pearle
Lloyd, John
Local Honey (Musical Group)
Locker, Freda
Locker, Martha
Locker, Richard
Locker, Ruth
Lockhart, Keith
Lockhart, Lee M.
Logan, Bert - see OHMP file
Logan, Bertie H.
Logan, George H.
Logan, Mavis
Lohse-Klafsky, Mme. Katherine
Loli, Giulia
Lollapalooza Festival
Lomakin, Nick - see also OHMP file
Lomask, Herbert
Lomask, Milton
Long, Alice
Longhurst, John
Lopatnikoff, Nikolai
Lord, Robert S. - see OHMP file
Lorelei (Musical Group)
Louis, L. Jean
Lowe, Joseph
Lowsunday (Musical Group)
Lubetsky, Ronald
Ludebuehl, J.P.
Ludwig, Gene - see also OHMP file
Lumberger, James
Lundin, Viola - see OHMP file
Lundy, Curtis
Lunt, Dr. Ernest
Lupish, Ronald - see OHMP file
Luvaas, Dr. Morten J.
Lydick, Ernest B.
Lyon, Catherine Blasing
Lyon, Milton
Lyon, Milton
Lyric Mountain Festival
Lyric Theater Opera
Ma, Yo-Yo
Maazel, Lorin
Maazel, Lincoln
Maazel, Marie - see also OHMP file
MacCombie, Johnnie
MacDonald Pipe Band
MacDonald, Vivian
MacFarlane, Joyce
MacKee, Chester
MacKenzie, Mae
MacMillen, Francis
Madden Scinto, Maryann
Maddox, Walt
Madhouse (Musical Group)
Madison, Earl
Maecenas Dinner
Magazine Published in Pittsburgh
Magee, Mrs. Christopher Lyman
Magic 97 FM
Mahaffey, Marjorie Maxine
Mahler, David
Mahwinney, Paul (Record Rama)
Mairs, David
Make Believe Ballroom Orchestra
Makinson, Emma Porter
Maladey, Elizabeth A.
Malfatti, Lorenzo - see also OHMP file
Malitsky, W. Delight
Malley, Thomas P.
Mallin, Harriet
Malpi, Maria
Mals, Rick
Maltinska, Rose
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
Mancini Award
Mancini, Henry
Mangold, Charles V.
Maniaci, Michael
Manifold Splendor (Music Group)
Manoli, Anthony
Mansfield, Marie
MAP (Music Awareness Pittsburgh)
Maple, Nelson
Mara, Tony
Marcels (Music Group)
Marconi, Henry W.
Marcus, Daniel
Marcus, Linda - see OHMP file
Marietta, Leslie
Marinaro, Louis
Marinelli, Dory
Marini, Joe
Marino, John B. - see OHMP file
Marino, Tony
Marketing the Arts
Markos, Kypros
Marmarosa, Michael "Dodo"
Marnell, Dorothy
Marracino, Lucretia Russell - see also OHMP file
Marracino, Mike
Marrone Family
Marsh, Charles
Marshall Family. Elayne, Robin
Marshall, Kathleen
Marshall, Rob
Marsico, Alvin - see also OHMP file
Martin Solomon and the Hurricanes
Martin, Alexander A.
Martin, Charles "Buddy"
Martin, Geraldine Carr
Martin, Grace Blenko
Martin, James S.
Martin, Mac
Martin, Michael "Mick" - see also OHMP file
Martin, Mrs. James Stephen
Martinovic, Augustin and Dolores
Marva J
Mary Miller Dance Company
Masciarelli, Mike
Masella, Thomas
Maskalick, Greg
Masley, Ed
Mason, Ann
Mastracci, Louis (Lou Tracey) - see OHMP file
Maszle, Lu Ann
Matchett, Jay R.
Mateer, Shirley L.
Matteo, Ernest - see OHMP file
Mattesius, Baron Max, von
Mauceri, John
Maurer, Donald
Max Emerman Recital Series
Maxwell, Dr. James D.
May Beegle Concerts
May, Billy
May, Julia - see OHMP file
Mayer, Rinehart
Mayer, Steven
Mayer, William L.
Mayhew, Charles
Mayville, Francis
Mazer, Henry
Mazzei Family
McAllister, Charmaine "Char"
McAllister, William - see OHMP file
McArdle, Pat
McAteer, Myrtle
McBride, Grace
McBride, Rodney
McCabe, Christine
McCann, Harry L.
McCann, Steve
McCartney, Rachel
McCarty, Ernest
McCathren, Donald E.
McCollum, James Knox
McCollum, James P.
McCoy, Rodney
McCoy, Ruth Ann
McCreary, Melvin
McCrum. James Patrick
McCulloh, Byron - see also OHMP file
McCullough Communications
McCullough, C. Hax, Jr. - see OHMP file
McCullough, David
McCullough, Larry
McCully, Robert J. "Bob" - see OHMP file
McCune, Margaret Emma
McDermott, Marianne
McDonald, Brian
McDonald, Harold
McDonald, Mrs. J. Sharp
McDowell, Robert J.
McElfresh, Clair
McElvany, G. Logan
McGee, Larry
McGegan, Nicholas
McGill, Donald H.
McGill, Ethel Sellers
McGlaughlin, William
McGowan, Jane
McGrail Opera, Inc .
McGrail, Josephine - see also OHMP file
McHugh, Joe
McInnes, Donald
McIntosh, James - see also OHMP file
McKay, Delsey
McKeesport Little Theatre
McKeesport Symphony Orchestra
McKenna, Leora Sage
McKinley, Andrew
McKinley, Tom
McKinley, William Thomas
McLaughlin, Mrs. John H.
McLaughlin, Sandra
McLay, William S., Jr.
McMahon, J. Kevin
McMahon, John Frank
McMullen, Leo A.
McQuilkin, Francis S.
McVay, Charlie
McVicker, Carl Grant
McVicker, Carl, Sr. - see OHMP file
Mears, Charlotte
Meatpipe (Musical Group)
Mechanical Instruments
Medicine and Music
Medonis, Anastasia T.
Meeder, Clair E.
Meeham (Meeniham), Thomas
Meek Family - Charles and Dorothy
Meena, James
Meet the Composer Grants
Meitlein, Rose
Meleshenko, Alex
Melichar, Joe
Melle, Carole - see OHMP file
Mellers, Wilfrid
Mellon chansonnier
Mellon Jazz Festival
Mellon Jazz Scholarship
Mellor, Charles C.
Mel-Man (Rap Artist)
Melodia, Mario
Melodini, Edward - see OHMP file
Melody Amphitheatre
Melody Guild
Meloy, Robin
Melrose Place (TV Show)
Meltzer, Edward
Meltzer, Ken
Melucci, Kathleen
Melvin, Edward C.
Memorial Park Community Chamber Singers
Mendelssohn Choir
Menham, Joseph P., Jr.
Mennino, Mary-Therese
Mercer, Warren
Merchant, Arthur I.
Merck, Henri
Mercy Hospital - Ministry of Healing Program
Merge, Joycelyn
Merrie Operetta Company
Merritt, Richie
Mervis, Scott - see OHMP file
Merz Musical Library
Merz, Karl
Messana, John Angelo
Metro, Mad Mike
Metropol (Nightclub)
Metropolitan Opera Auditions, 1963
Metropolitan Opera Awards
Metropolitan Opera in Pittsburgh
Metropolitan Opera National Council. Pittsburgh District
Metzdorff, Arthur
Metzger, Mary Lou
Meyer, Daniel
Meyer, Herbert H.
Meyer, Mathilde
Michalak, Thomas
Michaud, Joseph
Mick, Ann
Middleschulte holograph
Mikey B.
Milazzo, Lisa
Miles, Lisa and Erin Snyder
Millen, Irene
Miller, Christine - see under Christine Miller Clemson
Miller, Dena Susan
Miller, Emily
Miller, James Blaine
Miller, James M.
Miller, Jeff
Miller, Joey
Miller, Julia
Miller, Lois
Miller, Mac
Miller, Mary
Miller, McClurg
Miller, Mildred
Miller, Nellie
Miller, Thomas
Miller, Tyrone
Miller, William F.
Millvale Industrial Theater
Milovats, Mark
Minetti, Carlo
Minstrelsy in Pittsburgh
Miss Irene
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - see Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Mitchell, Anthony B.
Mitchell, Earl
Mitchell, Elsie Breese
Mitchell, Father Ian
Mitchell, Grover
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Viola
Modarelli, Antonio
Modern Times (Jazz Group)
Molans, Paul
Molinatto, Joseph
Mollica, Kathy Renda
Molnar, Victor - see OHMP file
Mon Gumbo (Musical Group)
Mon oil spill (songs)
Monahan, Kathleen
Monson, Patti
Montgomery, Ruth - see OHMP file
Mood Swingers (Musical Group)
Moore, Joseph H.
Moorefield, Olive
Morell, Albert
Morelli, Robert T.
Morgan, Kevin
Morgan, Tali Esen
Morley, Peter
MorphicResonance Trio
Morris, Alfred
Morris, Marla
Morrison, Jeannine
Morrison, Richard
Morrissey, Glenn
Morrone, Family
Morrone, Joseph
Morrow, Robert A.
Morton Gould Day
Moskowitz, Karen
Mosley, John "Squirrel"
Mosley, Robert
Moss, Marie
Mossburg, Dale and Melissa
Mosti, Mario
Motekaitis, Aligimantas
Mother Benigna
Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church
Mount Lebanon United Presbyterian Church
Mount McKinleys (Musical Group)
Mount Mercy College
Moving Pictures
Mowod, Tony
Mozart Club
Mozart Festival
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Muckle, Allen
Mud City Manglers (Musical Group)
Mullaney's Harp & Fiddle (Nightclub)
Mullen, Karl
Multicultural Activities
Munsel, Patrice
Murdoch, Martha M.
Murphy John Paul
Murphy, Owen J.
Murray, Bruce
Murrysville Festival Chorus
Musart Club
Muscaro, Martin
Muses, The
Music Appreciation
Music Appreciation Puzzle Contest
Music Appreciation, Committee for
Music Appreciation: Irene Kaufmann Settlement
Music at Sports Events
Music Bastion
Music Boxes, Collectors and Collecting
Music Camps
Music Copying
Music Criticism
Music Educators Club
Music Festival for Peace
Music for Mount Lebanon
Music for Neighborhoods
Music from the Archives at Carnegie
Music Guild of Pittsburgh
Music in Hospitals
Music in Pittsburgh
Music in the Public Schools
Music Jubilee
Music Libraries
Music Lives
Music on the Edge
Music Promoters
Music Publishers
Music Stores
Music Studios
Music Technology
Music Together
Music Works
Musica D'Amore
Musical Americana
Musical and Political Italian Club
Musical Comedies
Musical Courier
Musical Events
Musical Forecast
Musical Gifts and Novelty Items
Musical Instruments
Musical Libraries
Musical Organizations (multiple listings)
Musical Revues
Musical Societies (multiple listings)
Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre Guild of Butler
Musical Therapy
Musicians Autographs
Musicians Club of Pittsburgh
Musicians Directories
Musicians United to Send Instruments to Cuba (M.U.S.I.C.)
Musicians, Jewish
Musicians, Part-time Professional
Music's Recreation
Musik Innovations
Musmanno, Samuel R.
Mussorgsky, Modeste
Mustangs, The (Musical Group)
Musulin, Nicholas - see OHMP file
Mutamassik (Musical Group)
Myers, Alma G.
Myers, Jean
Myers, Sondra
Mysels, Maurice, Sammy, George
Mystic Knights of the Sea
Nance, Art
Nardini, Norman
National Association of Negro Musicians
National Association of Organists, The Pennsylvania Council
National Association of Pastoral Musicians, Pittsburgh Chapter
National Chorus of America
National Committee for Musical Appreciation
National Endowment for the Arts
National Music Week
National Negro Opera Co.
National Record Mart
National Society of Arts and Letters, Pittsburgh Chapter
National Youth Administration Orchestra
Navratil, Jeanine
Nazarro, Nat
Negri Trio
Negri, Joe - see also OHMP file
Negri, Robert "Bob" - see OHMP file
Neighborfair All-Stars
Nelli, Herva
Nelson, Bob
Nelson, Skip
Nelson, Steve
Nelson, Susan Cox
Nemetz, Lenora
Nestico, Sammy
Network, The (Musical Group)
Neumann, Karl
Neville Blues (Musical Group)
Nevin Family - Arthur, Ethelbert & Olive
Nevin, Arthur
New Acoustic Guitar Ensemble (Musical Group)
New Artists of America
New Day Singers (Musical Group)
New Granada Theater
New Invisible Joy (Musical Group)
New Music
New Pittsburgh Chamber Orchestra
New Pittsburgh Quintet
Next Big Thing
NIA Steel Pan Ensemble
Nichols, Birdie - see also OHMP file
Nicolette, Jack - see OHMP file
Nightclubs (multiple listings) (see also under the names of particular nightclubs)
Nightclubs--Dowe's on Ninth
Niles, J.J.
Nine Inch Nails (Musical Group)
Ninety-Nine Cent Floating Theater Festival
Ninness, Anna
Nirella, Danny
Nirella, Joseph D.
Nirella, Ruth - see OHMP file
Nirella, Vera Kaighn
Nixon Clocks (Musical Group)
Nixon Theater
Niznik, Roman
No Exit (Musical Group)
No Safety (Musical Group)
Norful, Smokie
North American Saengerbund
North Hills Brass Band
North Hills High School Band
North Hills Performing Arts
North Pittsburgh Philharmonic
North Star Kids (Musical Group)
North Star Players
Northside Carnegie Hall organ recitals
Norton, Albert Reeves
Norton, Eunice - see also OHMP file
Noss Family
Nosse, Carl E.
Nossokoff, Harry M.
Nossokoff, John
Novak, Andrew E.
Novak, Joe
Novich, Mija - see OHMP file
Nowe, Kerry Anne
Nowicki, Barbara
Null, Jummie Lu
Nussbaumer, Richard
Nusser, Carl
Nychey, John
Oakes, Cindy
Oakland Lyric Opera
Oasis Choir
O'Brien, J. Vick
O'Brien, Joseph - see OHMP file
Odd Chair Playhouse
Oden, Clarence
Oehmler, George C.
Oehmler, Jane - see OHMP file
Oehmler, Leo
Oetting, William H.
Ogrodny, Ryan
Ohlberg, Florence
Ohrstrom, Thomas
Old Allegheny Festival Choir
Old Bedford Village
Old Economy
Olive, Myra B.
Oliver, Patsy "Pat" - see also OHMP file
Olivera, Hector
Olmsted, Fay S.
Olsavicky, Robert
Ondrejka, Ronald
One Land, Many Voices
One Man's Family (Musical Group)
One-O-One (Musical Group) - see 1-0-1
Open Air Concerts
Open Wide (Musical Group)
Opera Renaissance, Inc.
Opera Theater of Pittsburgh
Opera Workshop Fashionlogue
Opera Workshop, Inc
Operajita, Oopali
Opie, Ben
Orchard Café
Orchestra Merger
Orchestra Nova
Orchestra: Pop Concert
Orchestra: Festival Orchestra
Orchestras: Allegheny County Symphony
Orchestras: Wilkinsburg Civic Symphony
Order Italian Sons and Daughters of America
Orff-Schulwerk Workshop
Organ Artists Series of Pittsburgh
Organ Building
Organists Guild
O'Riley, Christopher
Orion String Quartet
Orkin, Milt
Orosz, Julia
Orpheus Singing Society
Osgood, Ruth Behringer
Ostrander, Herbert
Ostrowski, Chester
Ostrowski, Frank - see OHMP file
Otey, Wendell
Otten, Joseph
Ovations Youth Orchestra
Overton, Leann
Ozanam Strings Concert Orchestra
Ozeas, Leon
PACE (Entertainment Group)
Packer, Betty - see OHMP file
Paderewski in Pittsburgh
Page, Robert
Pahanish, Dave
Palatsky, Eugene
Palazzi, Richard J.
Palmer, Rufus - see OHMP file
Palmers' American Music Café
Palumbo, Janet
Pamfilie, Shaun
Pancerev, Mark
Panella, Frank
Panella, Louis J.
Pankey, Aubrey
Papadakos, Peter - see OHMP file
Papale, Henry
Papenbrock, Valdemar
Paris Green (Musical Group)
Paris, Barry
Paris, Myrna
Park Concerts
Parke, Charles Ernest
Parker, William
Parks, Van Dyke
Parsons, John H. Jr.
Partee, Dr. Charles
Pascuzzi, Wayne Hampton
Pasquarelli, Anthony L. - see also OHMP file
Pasquier Trio
Pasquinelli, Joanne - see also OHMP file
Pass, Joe
Paterra, Tom
Patitucci, Sal - see OHMP file
PATOS (see under Pittsburgh Area Theatre Organ Society)
Patrick, Louise
Patterson, Elizabeth
Patterson, Jean
Paul, Louis
Paull, George
Paulson, Stephen
Paur, Emil
Pawk, Michelle
Paxton, Brooks
Pearson, Charles A. H.
Peel, John
Pegher, Lisa
Pellegrino, Stephen
Pellow, Michael - see OHMP file
Penn Hills Summer MusicTheatre
Penn State University Choirs
Penn Theatre of the Performing Arts
Pennsylvania - Songs and Music
Pennsylvania (song)
Pennsylvania Association for the Blind (Pittsburgh Branch)
Pennsylvania College for Women
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association
Pennsylvania Opera Festival
Pennsylvania Opera Workshop
Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour
Penta Voce Woodwind Quintet
Pentaphonie (Music Group)
Peoples' Music Network
Pep Boys (Musical Group)
Performing Arts for Children
Performing Arts Series
Perkins, Lyman
Perlongo, Daniel
Perlow, Anna Laufe
Perry, Al--Country Affair
Peters, William C.
Peterson, E. L.
Peterson, Regina
Petrocelli, Anthony
Petticoats (Musical Group)
Phantom Crew (Musical Group)
Phelan, Sister M.
Philipp, Isidor
Phillips Family
Phillips, Benjamin F.
Phillips, Daniel
Phillips, Doris Weaver
Phillips, Eugene - see OHMP file
Phillips, Leigh
Phillips, Natalie - see OHMP file
Phillips, Pat
Phillips, Stephen
Phoenix, The (Musical Group)
Phonograph Record Producers and Promoters
Phonograph Recording Companies
Phonograph Records
Phonorecord Collectors
Phonorecord Companies
Phonorecord Stores
Phonorecords - High Technology
Piano Day Camp
Piano Manufacturers
Piano Master Classes
Pianorama Associates
Pickens, Jo Ann
Pilsner (Musical Group)
Pindel, Rev. Paul
Pinza, Claudia - see also OHMP file
Pinza, Ezio
Pirates Baseball
Pitt Gamelan Ensemble
Pitt Orchestra
Pittburgh Concert Choir
Pitts, Sam
Pittsburg Art Society
Pittsburgh Alliance of Composers
Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society
Pittsburgh Apollo Male Chorus
Pittsburgh Area Theatre Organ Society (PATOS)
Pittsburgh artist haven
Pittsburgh Arts Advocacy Council
Pittsburgh Arts on Tour
Pittsburgh Audio Society
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Pittsburgh Banjo Club - see also Rossi, Frank
Pittsburgh Baroque Ensemble
Pittsburgh Baroque Quartet
Pittsburgh Baseball Club
Pittsburgh Blues Festival
Pittsburgh Boychoir
Pittsburgh Brass Quintet
Pittsburgh Broadway Series
Pittsburgh Camerata
Pittsburgh Chamber Ensemble
Pittsburgh Chamber Music Project
Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society
Pittsburgh Chamber Opera Theater
Pittsburgh Chamber Orchestra
Pittsburgh Chamber Singers
Pittsburgh Children's Festival
Pittsburgh Choral Society
Pittsburgh Civic Chorus
Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera Association
Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra
Pittsburgh Classical Guitar Society
Pittsburgh Committee for Music Appreciation
Pittsburgh Community Choir
Pittsburgh Concert Bureau
Pittsburgh Concert Choir
Pittsburgh Concert Society
Pittsburgh Conservatory of Music
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Pittsburgh Dance Council
Pittsburgh Doowop Choir
Pittsburgh Early Music Ensemble
Pittsburgh Early Music Group
Pittsburgh Electronic Musicians
Pittsburgh Exposition - Music
Pittsburgh Female College
Pittsburgh Festival Orchestra
Pittsburgh Flute Club
Pittsburgh Folk Festival
Pittsburgh Four (Musical Group)
Pittsburgh Girls Choir
Pittsburgh Good Tyme Music Company
Pittsburgh Guitar Trio
Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts
Pittsburgh History Center
Pittsburgh Home Companion
Pittsburgh International Contemporary Music Festival (1952)
Pittsburgh International Folk Theatre
Pittsburgh International Music Festival (1986)
Pittsburgh International Music Festival (1992)
Pittsburgh Jazz Festival
Pittsburgh Jazz Legacy Project
Pittsburgh Jazz Society
Pittsburgh Jewish Music Festival
Pittsburgh Laboratory Theater
Pittsburgh Ladies Orchestra
Pittsburgh Madrigal Singers
Pittsburgh Male Chorus
Pittsburgh Men's Collective
Pittsburgh Music in the Public Schools
Pittsburgh Music Sacred
Pittsburgh Music Works
Pittsburgh Musical Institute
Pittsburgh Musical Theater
Pittsburgh Musically Speaking
Pittsburgh Musicians
Pittsburgh New Friends of Music
Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble
Pittsburgh Opera Auxiliary
Pittsburgh Opera Center
Pittsburgh Opera Inc., Maecenas Dinner
Pittsburgh Opera Inc., News Releases
Pittsburgh Opera Society
Pittsburgh Opera Theater
Pittsburgh Opera, Inc. - 1940 -1981
Pittsburgh Oratorio Society
Pittsburgh Orchestra
Pittsburgh Organist Guild
Pittsburgh Organists: Women
Pittsburgh Panoramic Pops
Pittsburgh Peace Institute (Concert Flyers)
Pittsburgh Philharmonia
Pittsburgh Philharmonia Orchestra of the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association
Pittsburgh Piano Trio
Pittsburgh Pirates - Songs
Pittsburgh Playhouse
Pittsburgh Playhouse Theatre Company
Pittsburgh Pops Orchestra
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pittsburgh Press
Pittsburgh Quartet
Pittsburgh Renaissance Theatre
Pittsburgh Savoyards
Pittsburgh Scottish Country Dance Society
Pittsburgh Shine (Musical Group)
Pittsburgh Sinfonietta
Pittsburgh Souvenir Program 1758-1908
Pittsburgh String Orchestra
Pittsburgh String Symphonietta
Pittsburgh Strings, Inc.
Pittsburgh Summer Experimental Music Concert Series
Pittsburgh Summer Music Games
Pittsburgh Symphony - General History
Pittsburgh Symphony Chamber Orchestra
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - Articles and Press Releases
Pittsburgh Symphony Society
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1904-1934
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1935-1944
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1945-1954
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1955-1964
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1965-1974
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1974-1979
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1979-1984
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1985-1990
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1990-1995
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - 1996-2005
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Administration
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Administration - 1991-1992
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Awards, Grants, Endowments
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - B
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - C
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Centennial
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Chamber Music
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Children's Concerts
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Commissions
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Composers Forum Series
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Conductor Search
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Festivals
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Fund Raising
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - History
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Instruments
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Labor Relations
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Musicians
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - News Releases
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - News Releases - 2000
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - News Releases - 2001
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Photographs
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Pop Series
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Press Releases
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Previn and the Pittsburgh (TV Program)
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Recordings
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Records of the Hillman Library - 1927-1960
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Residencies
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Schedules
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Schooltime Series
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Soundbytes Series
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Special Concerts
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Strike - 1975
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Summer Series
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Tiny Tots and Little People's Concerts
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Tours
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Tours (Florida)
Pittsburgh Symphony Society - Women's Association
Pittsburgh Theatre Orchestra
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Pittsburgh Trust for Cultural Resources Flyer
Pittsburgh Trust for Cultural Resources Library
Pittsburgh Turkish - American Association
Pittsburgh Urban League Community Choir
Pittsburgh Vocal Arts Ensemble
Pittsburgh Wind Symphony`
Pittsburgh Women Musicians
Pittsburgh Woodwind Ensemble
Pittsburgh Youth Concert Association
Pittsburgh Youth Symphony
Pittsburgh: A Waltz
Pivirotto, Ruth
Planet Girl (Music Series)
Plaskett, Mike
Plastic Jesus (Musical Group)
Ploughman's Lunch (Musical Group)
Pocket Opera Series
Podolsky, Dorothy
Poel, Wiliam
Poetry and Music
Point Park College
Point Park College Theatre Company
Point Park Conservatory
Point Park Dancers
Poise Foundation
Polansky, Irene
Polish Arts League of Pittsburgh
Polish Falcons Choir and Folk Dance
Polish Hillbillies (Musical Group)
Ponder, Jimmy - see also OHMP file
Pontiere, Ernest Mark
Pope, Frank
Pope, J. William
Popovich, Melissa
Popovici, Demeter
Popular Music
Popular Music and Musicians
Popular Music Concerts
Porter, Billy
Portnoy, Don
Post, Arthur
Postage Stamps
Posteraro, Gino
Post-Gazette Song Festival
Posvar, Mildred Miller - see also OHMP file
Powder French (Musical Group)
Powell, Elizabeth
Powers, Sue
Pratt, Awadagin
Prattis - Jennings, Patricia
Preseren Singing and Cultural Society
Prestia, Maralyn
Previn, Andre
Previn-Wiliams-Greenberg Trio
Prevost, Leon
Price, Billy
Price, Merle F.
Price, Mia
Primrose String Quartet
Princeton Music Clubs
Prisons, Music in
Pritchard, Robert, II
Project STEP (Music Education Program)
Prokofief, Serge (Prokofiev, Sergey)
Prunczik, Karen
Przybycin, Edward
Public Schools A-Z
Public Schools Music
Puchalski, Greg
Pugh, Jim
Puhl, Eugene, Jr. - see OHMP file
Pupa, James, Sr.
Purcell, Jack - see also OHMP file
Purcell, Randy
Purcell, Rick
Pure Gold (Musical Group)
Purvis, William
Push (Musical Group)
Q (Musical Group)
Quantum Theatre
Quattro String Quartet
Quigley, Msg. Thomas J.
Quinlan, Joseph
Quinlin, Sheila
R.E. Generation (Musical Group)
Raber, Aloysius N.
Radio - Christian Music
Radio Broadcasting
Radio Free Pittsburgh
Radio Opera
Rado, Agi
Radon, Roderick
Rainbow Band of Mt.Lebanon's Baptist Homes
Rainbow Kitchen--Live Aid
Rainer, Iris
Ramsey, N. Lynne
Ram-Z, Bill
Random Choice (Barbershop Quartet)
Rao, Anjali
Rap Music
Rapport, Ilene
Rare Experience (Musical Group)
Rascoe, Jeanne
Rau, Ondeine
Rave-Ups (Musical Group)
Rawsthorne, Robin
Raymer, David E.
Raymond, Rose
Read, Gardner
Reahard, Winifred
Rearick, Hazel & Bob
Rearick, Robert
Reavel, Jeanne
Reber, Charles
Record Companies
Record Rama Sound Archives - see Mahwinney, Paul
Recorder Instruction in Pittsburgh
Recording Studios (& Industry)
Red Hot and Blue (Musical Group)
Reed, Vivian
Reflex Red (Musical Group)
Regent Theatre
Reggae Music
Regional Asset District (RAD)
Reichenfeld, Eugene - see also OHMP file
Reid, Boyce
Reiner, Fritz
Reisiger, Gladys H. Fuge
Remington, Janet
Remler, Emily
Renaissance and Baroque Society
Renaissance City Choir
Renaissance City Wind Music Society
Renaissance City Wind Music Society - "Music for Neighborhoods"
Renaissance City Winds
Renaissance City Woodwind Quintet
Renaissance Trio
Renee, Madelyn
Renn, Byrd L. "Buzzy"
Renner, Carl
Rentz, Theodore A.
Retter, Carl
Reutzel, Helen - see also OHMP file
Reznor, Trent
Rhino Records
Rhodes, Will
Rice Norman - see OHMP file
Rice, Karen - see OHMP file
Richard Rodgers Award for Excellence in Musical Theater
Richard Rodgers Award for Excellence in Musical Theater (CLO-2000)
Richards, Dave
Richardson, Stanley J.
Richetti, Joseph J.
Richey, Anna G.
Richman, Hyman - see OHMP file
Richman, Lucas
Richman, Vivien
Ricker, Mary C.
Rickety Records
Riddle, Alverta
Ridilla, Theresa
Riebling, John D.
Riebling, Tia
Riedel, Robert
Riffs (Musical Group)
Rifugato, David
Rifugiato, Cornelius - see OHMP file
Rigby, Amy
Rigoletto Quartette
Riheldaffer, Annie Grace
Rinchiuso, Gina
Ringwalt Choral Union
Rini, Teri
Ritenbaugh, George F.Sr.
River City Brass Band
River City Youth Chorale
Robbers Roost (Musical Group)
Robel, Henry C. Sr.
Robert Morris College
Robert Morris College Theater
Roberts, Agnes Vogel
Roberts, John H.
Robertson, Margery Boyd - see OHMP file
Robins, Theodore S.
Robinson, Cleveland Jr.
Robinson, Lee
Rock Challenge
Rock Critics
Rock Music and Musicians
Rock Promoters
Rock, Joe
Rockwood Mill Shoppes and Opera House
Rocky Mountain Enterprises
Rodef Shalom
Rodgers, Eileen
Rodgers, Eleanor Hill
Rodgers, Elinor
Roessing, Helen
Rogers School for the Creative and Performing Arts
Rogers, Fred McFeely
Rogers, Joanne Byrd
Rohbock, Henry
Rohrer, Gertrude Martin
Roland, Will
Rollett, Rebecca
Romanul, Victor
Romito, David
Roncone, Edward
Rondinelli, Spider
Room to Move (Musical Group).
Root, Deane L. - see also OHMP file
Root, James - see OHMP file
Rosanova, Maria
Roscereto, Louis V.
Rose, Gil
Rosen, Nathaniel
Rosen, Seymour
Rosenbaum, Charles
Rosenbaum, Madeline
Rosenberg, Dorothy
Rosenberg, Henrietta
Rosenbloom, Mrs. Charles
Rosenblum, Joshua
Rosenblum, Mathew
Rosenker, Michael
Rosenshontz (Musical Group)
Rosenson, Annette
Ross, David
Ross, Jennifer
Ross, Paul - see OHMP file
Ross, Scott
Rossetti, Lucio - see OHMP file
Rossi, Frank - see OHMP file
Rossini, Fr. Carlo
Rossitto, Antonio
Rostek, John
Rote, Susan
Rotheram, Dr. Edward Brook, Sr.
Rothermel, Linn Natalie
Rouse, Harold
Royal American Fife and Drum Corps
Royal Way Choir
RST Recording
Ruben, Susan - see OHMP file
Rubenstein, Belle
Rubenstein, Mildred
Rubin, Morris
Rubinoff, Dave
Rubinstein, Belle - see OHMP file
Rude Mood (Musical Group)
Rudolph, Glenn
Rudy, Frank W.
Ruffennach,Ed, Sr.
Rummo, Carmen - see OHMP file
Rush, Helen Bell
Rusinek, Michael
Rusnak, John
Russell, Barbara - see also OHMP file
Russell, Dallmeyer
Russell, Jim
Russell, Philip
Russell, Romaine
Russian Cathedral Choir of Pittsburgh
Russo, Lori
Rusted Root (Musical Group)
Ruud Foundation, Minna Kaufmann
Ruud, Minna Kaufmann
Ryan, Charlotte
Ryan, Rodger
Rye, Howard
S.O.U.L. Club
Sabata, Victor de
Sacred Harp Singing
Sacred: Gregorian Institute of Sacred Music
Sacred: Sacred Heart Polyphonic Choir
Sager, Sue
Sague, Miguel, Jr. - see OHMP file
Saint Andrews Episcopal Church (Music at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church)
Saint Anne's Brass Consort
Saint Barnabas Young Songwriters Competition
Saint Benedict of the Moor Gospel Choir
Saint Canice Church
Saint David's Society of Pittsburgh
Saint Paul Cathedral (Oakland)
Saint Paul of the Cross Monastery
Saint Paul's United Methodist Church
Saint Stephen's Church
Saint Vincent College Concert Series
Saint Vincent DePaul Society
Sakonju, Akiko
Salamon, Joe - see also OHMP file
Salera, Dave
Sallinger, David - see OHMP file
Salmon, Theodore
Salsamba (Musical Group)
Salvation Army Band
Salzman, Theo
Samuels, Francis
San Damiano Consort
Sanchez, Marta - see also OHMP file
Sandbills (Musical Group)
Sanford, David
Sanford, Helen
Sanford, O'Neill
Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney
Santo, Tusa
Saperton, David
Sapienza, James "Jimmy" - see also OHMP file
Sapp, Gregory
Sarver, Sue
Sativa Rose (Musical Group)
Saturday Consort (Musical Group)
Saudek, Robert
Saudek, Victor
Savage, Ralph Butler
Saylor, Herbert
Sayre, Robert
Scaduto, Elice
Scalzo, Gregorio
Scandrett, John
Scandrett, Lucy
Scandrol, Janet - see OHMP file
Scanlon, Earl
Scanlon, Mary Browning
Schafer, Joe - see OHMP file
Schafer, Ruth
Schantz, Lila Alexandra May
Schatz, Virginia W. - see OHMP file
Schell, Fred
Schelle, Michael
Schenley Morning Musicales
Schick, Robert
Schindel, Joel
Schmertz, Robert
Schmidt, Betty
Schmidt, Kloman
Schneiderman, William - see OHMP file
Schnurer, Octave
School Music
Schreiber, Lou - see also OHMP file
Schreiber, Lou - see OHMP file
Schreier, Irene
Schrello, Mark Charles
Schroeder, Rick
Schubert: Stabat Mater
Schuetz, Heinrich
Schulhof, Moishe
Schulman, Julius
Schumacher, Hermina M.
Schumann-Heink, Madame Ernestine
Schwab, Harvey
Schwan, Charles P.
Schwartz, Stephen
Schwarzkopf, Elizabeth
Sciullo, John Michael
Scot, Arthur - see OHMP file
Scott Township Junior - Senior High School Band
Scott, Frank W.
Scott, Lauren
Scott, Monica
Scott, Shirley
Scott, Walter - see OHMP file
Scott, Walter Jr.
Scott, Warren R.
Seaman, Jean D.
Seamen, Conrad
Seeger, Pete
Seely, Jeannie
Segall, Dorothy - see OHMP file
Seibel, Mary Ann
Seibert, Henry Edmund
Seidenberg, Daniel
Seifert, Max
Selena Catalina (Musical Group)
Sellars, Peter
Semanitzky, Michael
Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center
Seneff, Liz
September 11th and Benefit Programs
Serago, Mike
Sertag, Conrad & Tanya
Seton Hill College
Seventh House (Musical Group)
Sewickley Choir Institute
Sewickley Music Club
Shade (Musical Group)
Shadyside Arts Festival
Shadyside Balcony (Nightclub)
Shadyside Concerts
Shadyside Presbyterian Church Choir
Shafer, Janet
Shafer, Susan Toth
Shaffer, Rex - see OHMP file
Shaindlin, Timothy
Shakespeare Festival
Shapera, Paul
Shapiro String Quartet
Shapiro, Ann
Shapiro, Anne - see OHMP file
Shapiro, Henry
Shapiro, Howard
Shapiro, Jean
Shapiro, Max
Shapiro, Samuel E.
Sharff, Merle - see OHMP file
Sharrow, Leonard
Shaughnassy, Jean
Shaw, Pamela
Shayer, Dixie
Shayer, Sammy
Shear, Jules
Shelton, Janice
Sheng, Bright
Sher, Allen
Sheraton Warrendale Dinner Theater
Sherman, Connie
Sherp, Walter
Shiner, Edwin P.
Shiner, Eric - see OHMP file
Shiner, Matthew "Matty" - see also OHMP file
Shoemaker, Roy Edward
Shonuff (Musical Group)
Shor, Martin R. - see OHMP file
Shornhorst, Elizabeth H.
Short, Bobby
Shovlin, Peter
Shovlin, Peter - see OHMP file
Shrinking Violet (Musical Group)
Sicilian Vespers (MusicalGroup)
Siedle, William R.
Siefert, Alma
Siegal, Fritz
Siegle Spiegler, Gloria
Sieveking, Martinus
Sightlines (Advertisement)
Sigma Alpha Iota
Signorelli, Prissie
Silencers, The (Musical Group)
Silhouettes (Musical Group)
Silipigni Family
Silver, Paul
Silverblatt, Esther
Silver-Tongued Devil (Musical Group)
Simon, Michael
Simons, Edward
Simons, Margaret Emma (McCune)
Sims, Edgar, Jr. - see OHMP file
Sinagra, Nick
Singer, David H. - see OHMP file
Singer, Harry
Singer, Samuel
Singing Telegram Service
Sinnet, Jae
Sir Bentley (Musical Group)
Sirocca, Ilene
Sisk, Leo - see OHMP file
Sisters' Chorus
Sisters of Divine Providence
Sisters of Saint Francis of Mount Alvernia, Millvale
Sisters' Symphony
Six Gun Jury (Musical Group)
Skaggs, Mary Beth
Skerlong, Mary
Skip Peck Trio
Skyliners (Musical Group)
Sladek, Paul
Slaney, Ruth Elaine
Slaugh, Philip - see OHMP file
Slawson, Wayne
Sleeping Giants (Musical Group)
Slim Bryant and the Wildcats
Slome, Mrs. Alice
Slovene National Benefit Society
Small, Lora Lee
Smink, George L.
Smith Family
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Ethel
Smith, Eula,
Smith, Fr. Tom
Smith, Jean
Smith, Leila Wilson
Smith, Leslie
Smith, Renee
Smoky City Folk Festival
Sneary-Baronti, May K.
Snitkovsky, Natasha
Snowden, Roy R., M.D.
Snyder, Elizabeth
Snyder, Erin
Snyder, Jean
Snyder, Mary Ann
Snyder, Sylvia
Societies, Pittsburgh Music
Society's Pliers (Musical Group)
Sodajerk (Musical Group)
Solisti (Musical Group)
Solisti D'Oakland
Solomon Steelpan Company (Musical Group)
Solomon, Martin and the Hurricanes
Solomon, Phil
Somerset Music Festival and Camp
Sommers, John J.
Song of the United Nations
Song Theatre
Sonic Temple (Nightclub)
Sonneck Society
Sopkin, George
Sortino, Vincent
Soulfish Percussion (Musical Group)
Soulville Records
Soundcheck '88
Sounds of Heritage
Sousa, John Philip
South Hills Chamber Players
South Hills Chorale
South Hills Community Association
South Hills Community Concert Band
South Hills Performing Arts
South Hills Symphony
Southminster Presbyterian Church
Southminster Singers
Sparbanie, Keith
Spaulding, George "Duke" - see also OHMP file
Specter, Edward
Spector, Art
Spector, Harry
Speer, Hazel Peck
Spencer, Scipio - see OHMP file
Spiegel, Ben - see also OHMP file
Spiegler, Gloria Siegle
Spinelli, Henry
Spinelli, Rosa
Spirit Filled Music Ministries
Spisto, Louis
Spitalny, James
Spitalny, Maurice
Spitzer, Carol
Sponges (Musical Group)
Sports Events
Spratt, Cliff
Spring Festival 1985
Springsteen, Bruce
Spuds (Special People Under Doctors' Supervision) (Musical Group)
Sputzy (Sparacino, Jimmy)
Square Dancing
Squares (Club)
Squirrel Hill Choral
Squonk Opera (Musical Group)
Sri Venkateswara Temple
St.Clair, Michael
Stafura, Paul G.
Stag, Danny
Stage Right Productions
Staley, Karen
Staley, Sandra "Sandy" - see also OHMP file
Standford, Thomas
Standley, Forrest W.
Stang, Ethan
Stanley, Mrs. Sherman
Stanley, William, Jr.
Stapleton, Murray
Star Lake Amphitheatre
Stargell, Willie
Stark, Sidney, Jr. - see OHMP file
Stark, William
Starkman, Stephen
Staton, Dakota
Steals Family
Stebler, Keith
Steel Miners (Musical Group)
Steele, Ann Labounsky
Steigerwald, Dan
Stein, Gladys - see OHMP file
Steinberg, Lotti (Mrs. William)
Steinberg, William
Steinfirst, Donald S.
Stempel, Alice Menninger
Stenning, Faith
Stephen Foster Memorial
Stephens, Morris
Sterling Joyce
Stern, Aaron`
Sterne, Colin - see also OHMP file
Sterne, Roberta
Stertag, Tanya and Conrad
Stevens, James "Jomo"
Stevens, Tim
Stevens, Tim and Johnson, Leonard
Stevenson, William M.
Stewart, Adrian
Stewart, Maggie
Stigers, Bruce
Stinging Rain (Musical Group)
Stitt, Charles A.
Stock, David
Stockmann, Elsa
Stockton, Ed
Stokowski, Leopold
Stolarevsky, Kathryn Fell - see also OHMP file
Stolarevsky, Mihail
Stone Soup (Musical Group)
Stone, Ellen
Stone, Isobel
Storm and Stress (Musical Group)
Stowell, Mrs. Myron R.
Strange Brew (Musical Group)
Strange, Dr. Richard E.
Strange, Mike
Strauss, Anne
Strauss, Dr. Richard
Strauss, Mrs. Samuel
Strayhorn, Billy
Street Musicians
Street Theatre Entertaining Pittsburgh, Inc
Streeter Family
String Symphonic Ensemble
Stringed Instrument Makers
Stringed Instruments
Strini, Lea
Strotmyer, Maureen - see OHMP file
Studio Musicians
Study Collection of American Musical Pleuralism
Sugarcane (Musical Group)
Sugden, Mildred
Sukits, Cecelia
Sullivan, Maxine
Sullivan, Peter
Summa, Nick
Summer Choral Music Reading Workshops
Summer Concerts
Summer in the City
Summerfest Chamber Music Festival
Sunday Driver (Musical Group)
Supper Club Music
Suranovich, George
Surgison, Louise
Surinach, Carlos
Susa, Conrad
Suska, Alan
Sutter, Rose Elizabeth
Sutton, Mrs. Donald
Sutton, Ellen
Suzuki Instruction
Swammp Band
Swan, Ralph - see OHMP file
Swarthout, Gladys
Sweet Adelines, Golden Triangle Chapter (Women’s Barbershop Quartet Organization)
Sweet Manna
Sweetwater Art Center
Sweetwater Festival for the Performing Arts
Swetnam, George - see OHMP file
Sydneys, The (Musical Group)
Sylvester, Irene
Symphony East
Syne, David
Synod Hall
Syria Mosque
Syria Temple Band
Syria Temple Chanters
Sze, Daniel
Tabb, Lacy
Tabler, Roger
Tachoir, Jerry
Tady, Dick
Tagg, Jeannette
Tajo, Italo
Takaro, Tom
Talent Education of Greater Pittsburgh
Talking Heads
Tallerico, Joe
Tangent (Musical Group)
Tangerine (Musical Group)
Tanner, Arthur
Taormina, Michael
Tarshis, Max
Tatum, Art
Taube, Moshe (Cantor) - see also OHMP file
Tavis, Bernie
Taylor, B.E.
Taylor, Clifford
Taylor, Edna Maye - see OHMP file
Taylor, Jeannette
Taylor, Mark
Teaser (Musical Group)
Tedesco, Arty
Television Broadcasting
Temianka, Henry
Ten Till Destiny (Musical Group)
Terpko, John
Teutonia Maennerchor
Thackery, Jimmy
Thalheimer, Carl E.
Thaviu, Samuel
Theater Organ Society, Inc.
Theiner, Bonnie
Theiss, Terry N.
Thickhead Grin (Musical Group)
Thomas, Geoffrey
Thomas, Jean - see also OHMP file
Thomas, Keziah
Thomas, Marilyn Taft
Thome, Joel
Thompson, Barbara - see OHMP file
Thompson, Harry
Thompson, Meredith and Chris
Thompson, Sarah Jean - see OHMP file
Thompson, Tommy
Thompson, Will L.
Thomson, Virgil
Thorpe, Dwayne - see OHMP file
Those Three Girls (Musical Group)
Thrane, Robert
Three Belles
Three Rivers Arts Festival
Three Rivers Chamber Music
Three Rivers Choral Society
Three Rivers Stadium
Three Rivers Training Orchestra
Three Rivers Young People's Orchestras
Thuma, Frank T.
Thunderherds Drum and Bugle Corps
Thunhurst, Wilford "Bill", Jr. - see also OHMP file
Thurston, Ford
Tiffany Concert Series
Tines, Deryck - see OHMP file
Tiny Tots Concerts
Tix Booth
Toeplitz, Gideon
Toerge,George and Fred
Tole, William "Bill", Sr, - see also OHMP file
Tole, William Jr.
Tole, William S.
Tomaro, Mike
Toms, Bill
Tomson, John Malcolm
Toneroads (Musical Group)
Tonight Show Band
Topping, Robert
Topping, Ruth Perry
Torkanowsky, Werner
Tortured Soul (Musical Group)
Toscanini in Pittsburgh
Toth, Andrea
Tourel, Jennie
Town and Country Four (Musical Group)
Townsend, Ruth
Trabert, George
Travis, Pat
Treasure, Gwen
Tri, Wil E.
Trimble, Lester
Trinity Cathedral
Triple M Club
Troeger, Robert
Truxell, Earl
Tryptych (Musical Group)
Tucciarone, Angel
Tuesday Musical Club
Tuesday Noon Organ Concerts
Tumbleweed Junction (Musical Geoup)
Tunador, Greta G.
Tunador, Korel
Turban, Dietlinde
Turk, Tommy
Turkin, Marshall
Turner, Horace Lee - see OHMP file
Turner, Marion
Turner, Pam
Turrentine, Stanley
Turrentine, Tommy
U 5 Guys (Musical Group)
U S Air Flight 427
Ultimatics (Musical Group)
Unda Presha (Musical Group)
Undercroft Opera
Underground Music
Unger, Gerald
Union Songs
United Music, Inc.
United States Grand Opera Club
United We Sing
University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh - African Drumming Ensemble
University of Pittsburgh - Black Action Society
University of Pittsburgh - Collegium Musicum
University of Pittsburgh - Composers Forum
University of Pittsburgh - Concert Calender 1987-
University of Pittsburgh - Concert Posters
University of Pittsburgh - Department of Music
University of Pittsburgh - Festival of Italian Arts
University of Pittsburgh - Jazz Ensemble
University of Pittsburgh - Jazz Scholarship
University of Pittsburgh - Jazz Seminar
University of Pittsburgh - Marching Band
University of Pittsburgh - Men's Glee Club
University of Pittsburgh - Music LIbrary
University of Pittsburgh - Orchestra
University of Pittsburgh - Program for Sonneck Society Conference
University of Pittsburgh - Songs (Alma Mater)
University of Pittsburgh - Voice Center
Unverferth, Harold and Doris
Unwound (Musical Group)
Upper Partials (Musical Group)
Urban League Choir
Usual Suspects (Musical Group)
Utoff, Michael
Vachino, Gabriella
Vajda, Frederick
Valenti, Marco
Vales, Joseph - see OHMP file
Vali, Reza
Valley Choir of Sewickley
Van Hoesen, Gretchen
Van Mastrigt, Franck
Van Sickle, Della Blanche
Vananzi, Henry
Vandergrift, B. W.
Vasquez, Joen
Vastine, Thomas Joseph
Vecchiola, Charles, Jr. - see OHMP file
Vecchiola, Matthew - see OHMP file
Velis, Andrea
Venditti, Armand F.
Venkataraman, K.S. and Premlata - see OHMP file
Verlander, Tara
Verri, Fran - see OHMP file
Very, Raymond
Vibro Kings (Musical Group)
Vice Consulate of Italy in Pittsburgh
Vidrich, Dr. Arthur
Vienna in Concert
Vierheller, Amanda
Vierheller, Louis E.
Vinscavich, Irene Polansky
Vinton, Bobby
Violin Makers
Violin Teachers Guild
Violin, Instruction
Virizlay, Mihaly
Virtuoso Series
Vliet, Cornelius von
Vocal Group Hall of Fame
Voelker, Frederic
Vogel, John S.
Vogt, Katy
Vogues, The (Musical Group)
Voice Center
Vokes, Howard
Volkhart, Birdie
Volkwein Brothers (Volkwein's)
Volkwein, Walter - see OHMP file
Volkwein's New York Violin Shop
Volz, Henry
von Kunits, Luigi
von Kunits, Mrs.Luigi
von Moltke, Paul
von Richter, Dorothy
Vosburgh, George
Voyvodich, Henrietta
Voyvodich, Walter
Vrusk, Walter
Vyner, Louis
Wachter String Quartet
Wade (Musical Group)
Wagner, Brad
Wagner, Robert
Wagner, Susan
Waight, Gary
Walker Family
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Jimmy
Walker, John
Walker, Rob
Wallace, Catherine
Wallace, Joseph - see OHMP file
Wallace, Mark
Waller, Juanita
Walt Harper's Attic
Walter, Bradey
Walters, Virgil
Walters, Wayne
Walton, Jon
War Cry (Musical Grouo)
Ward, David L.
Ward, Wesley A.
Warfield, William
Warrenton Collection
Wasburn, Maria Hurwitz
Washington & Jefferson Glee Clubs
Washington, PA Music
Waterkotte, Willa Dressler
Watershed 5tet (Musical Group)
Waterstone Children's Choir
Watkins, Franklin - see OHMP file
Watkins, Hugh
Watkins, Mary C.
Watson, Carole - see OHMP file
Watts, Jeff
Weatherspoon, Wrett - see OHMP file
Webber, Lynne
Weber, Jerry
Webster, Beveridge
Webster, Elizabeth Linard
Webster, Jean Wallace
Wee Jams (Musical Group)
Wehr, David Allen
Weill, Kurt
Weiner, Anne - see OHMP file
Weiner, Bill - see OHMP file
Weiner, Myra
Weingartner, Rudolph - see OHMP file
Weinstein, Mark J.
Weiss, Raymond
Weitz, Eddie
Welker, Arthur M.
Weller, Frances
Wells, Richard
Welsh Chorus of Pittsburgh
Wenk, Arthur & Mary Ricker-Wenk
Wentzell, William
Werl, George H., Sr.
Western Pennsylvania Choral Festival
Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind
Western University Glee Clubs
Westinghouse Educational Center Symphony
Westinghouse High School
Westinghouse High School Choir
Westinghouse Male Chorus
Westminster Community Singers
Westmoreland Choral Society
Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra
Westmoreland Youth Symphony Orchestra
Westover, James
Westray, Joe
Wetherhill, Leroy
Wheat, Genevieve
Wheeler, Vincent B.
Wheeling Symphony
Whiskey High (Musical Group)
Whistlin' Willie's 78s Record Store
Whitaker, Nelson B.
Whitehouse, Leonard
Whitley, Bob
Whitmer, T. Carl
Whitney, Cass Ward
Wichmann, Russell
Wickersham, Helen M.
Wickline, Homer - see also OHMP file
Wiernik, Eddie
Wieser, Michael
Wilcox, Thornton L.
Wild Geese (Musical Group)
Wild, Earl
Wildebeest Records
Wildsisters Coffeehouse
Wiley, Peter
Wilk, Marie
Wilkens E-Z Credit Ranch Girls
Wilkins Primary School
Wilkins, Ann
Wilkins, Donald G. - see also OHMP file
Wilkins, George H.
Wilkins, Grover III
Wilkinsburg Arts Theatre
Wilkinsburg Civic Symphony
Willett, Elmer
Williams, Anne Martindale
Williams, Denis
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Julian R.
Williams, Mary Lou
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Thomas "Saxie" - see OHMP file
Wilmurt, Zelda
Wilson, Billy
Wilson, Genevieve Clark
Wilson, George H.
Wilson, James
Wilson, Janice
Wilson, John - see OHMP file
Wilson, John H. "Doc"
Wilson, Laura K.
Wilson, Luella "Spanky"
Wilson, Shanice
Wilson, Walter J. , Jr.
Wimmer, Maureen
Wimp Factor 14 (Musical Group)
WIND (Musical Group)
Windt, Paul
Wion, Jennifer
Wiz Khalifa
Wizard (Musical Group)
Woehr, Christian G.
Woehr, Georgia
Woelfel, Leone Marquis
Wofford, Norma Jean
Wolbers, John
Wolf, Irwin D.
Women and Music
Women's Association of the Pittsburgh Symphony Society
Wood, Lauren
Wood, Mildred
Woodland Hills Choir
Woods, Donald
Woods, Sister Rita
Woodson, Chuck
Woodworth, Mrs. Donald F.
Worby, Rachael
Works Progress Administration
World Showcase
World War, 1939-1945
World's Largest Orchestra
Worthington, Walter - see OHMP file
Worthy, Oscar - see OHMP file
Woshner, Valentina
Wright, Mary Louise - see also OHMP file
Wright, Thurston
Wymetal, William
Xpressions (Musical Group)
Y Music Society Recital Series
Yagello, Leo (Lee Kelton)
Yahr, Barbara
Yahres, Sam
Yang Family
Yardley, Ann
Yaw, Ellen Beach
Year 0, The (Musical Group)
Yearsley, Ted (Theodore) - see OHMP file
Yiddish Opera
YMCA Orchestra
Yoder, Brad
Yoder, Henry - see OHMP file
Yonkey, Matt
Yoo, Shirley
Yost, Gaylord
Young , Hugh
Young People's Concerts
Young Women's Civic Choir
Young, John W.
Young, Kate
Young, Leslie
Young, Owen
Youngblood (Musical Group)
Youngue, Elizabeth
Your Mother (Musical Group)
Youth Guidance Inc.
Youth Symphony Orchestra
Yu, Channing
Yucius, Vito - see OHMP file
Yuille, Ninian B.
Yves Jean Band (Musical Group)
Zapple Entertainment
Zarnich, Joe - see OHMP file
Zebra Room (Nightclub)
Zebrovious, Ted
Zeligson, Celia
Zelkowicz, Aron
Zgonc, Vlatka - see OHMP file
Zimmerman, Gerard
Zimmerman, Jean
Zimmerman, Ruth
Zinger, Craig Lewis
Zinman, Isadore - see also OHMP file
Zinski, Stephen H. - see OHMP file
Zinsmeister, Alphonse
Zinsser, George
Zippers (Musical Group)
Zitterbart String Quartet
Zitterbart, Fidelis
Zitterbart, Ralph - see also OHMP file
Zoller, Elmer
Zuck, Victor
Zug, Richard
Zungre, Stephanie
Zytnick, Esther
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