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New Locally Produced Title: What’s In Aunt Mary’s Room?

LBPH is proud to a share a new locally produced title available for loan or download from BARDWhat’s In Aunt Mary’s Room? was narrated by volunteer Joyce Broadus and produced and edited by the LBPH Studio Team.

What’s in Aunt Mary’s Room
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard
DBC 1854
Susan and Sarah wonder what’s in that mysterious room in Great-great-aunt Flossie’s house, but nobody knows for sure – not even Mommy. At last they get to hunt for the missing key and find out what’s in Aunt Mary’s room among other treasures, a family Bible in which Susan is allowed to write their names. Kindergarten to second grade. 1996.

Please visit the LBPH Soundcloud page to listen to a sample of this title!


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