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Not Your Grandma’s Digital Media Service

Some streaming media services either leave users with too many movies and shows to pick from or nothing available to match their mood. The price can also add up when viewers subscribe to more than one service at a time. As a cure to this viewer ennui, CLP offers the streaming media service, Hoopla, which features not only movies and television shows but also audiobooks, ebooks, comics, and music. CLP cardholders can stream media directly from their computer and stream or download with the Hoopla app for Android or iOS devices. Many movies and shows also include closed captioning for improved accessibility. For movies, Hoopla offers hundreds of titles from classic to contemporary works, from popular U.S. releases to foreign films, and from the expected to the unordinary. Viewers will enjoy the variety of titles with browsing categories that include “Dark Futures,” “Books to Film,” and “Hindi Language.” In honor of Black History Month, the following titles are suggested from Hoopla’s “African Films of 1970s & 1980s” category.

In the Heat of the Night (1967)

An African American detective is asked to investigate a murder in a racist southern town. Starring Sidney Poitier and Rob Steiger.

Lola (1980)

The story centers on a group of friends who are dedicated and enthusiastic volleyball players. One of the girls, Lola, however, believes that there is more to life than just volleyball, and together with three of her friends, starts investigating the possibility of attending university after school. Starring Constance Shangase and Lucasta Baloi.

Hostage (1980)

When a psychopath seeking revenge on the Mayor of a small town steals a mega bomb from a local research facility, two police Inspectors, both working different angles of the same case, will have to team up together if they wish to not only rescue a Professor kidnapped by the madman, but also stop his evil plan of blowing up a nearby dam in order to flood the town where everyone lives. Starring Pepsi Mabizela and Innocent (Popo) Gumede.

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