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Recorded Accompaniments!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to practice your instrument or sing with a band in your own space whenever the spirit moves you? The library can help! You can borrow a type of music score that includes “recorded accompaniments,” which make it possible for you to do just that.

Recorded accompaniments are music scores that include CDs or access to online files, with recorded songs minus an instrument or vocal part. It’s like karaoke for whatever instrument you choose. Publishers include “Music Minus One” and “Play-Along.” Follow the score as you listen to the recording and play or sing the missing part.

How to search for this type of material in our catalog:

To browse all, type “recorded accompaniments” into the catalog search box, including the quotation marks. Filter the results to “Format: Music Score.” To narrow it down, type “recorded accompaniments” with the name of the instrument or style you want (i.e., “recorded accompaniments” guitar or “recorded accompaniments” blues).

To browse by subject heading:

Try a search with your favorite instrument! We offer saxophone, harmonica, viola, accordion, trumpet, and lots more. Genres include blues, jazz, heavy metal, and classical music. We have the vocal music of Elvis, Broadway in male and female editions, Lady Gaga, opera, R & B—you name it!

Example descriptions:

  • “Enhanced CDs comprise full performances and piano accompaniments; includes tempo adjustment software.”
  • “Compact disc comprises demo and play-along tracks; playable on regular CD player and computer; includes tempo adjustment software.”
  • “The 1st compact disc comprises complete versions and tracks without viola; the 2nd CD comprises a slow tempo practice version.”
  • “Includes access to companion recorded accompaniments online, for download or streaming, using the unique code printed inside the book.”

Questions? Contact the Music Department at 412.622.3105 or email, or use the chat function on our website

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