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Remake Learning Days 2023 – Kids Club

While literacy and learning happen every day at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Remake Learning Days (RLD) is a special time of year (May 4 to 23, 2023) when organizations across the region come together to celebrate “innovative experiences and opportunities for youth to develop their sense of creativity, perseverance and curiosity.” 

We are excited to share with you a few of our many Kids Club programs that embody this festival of innovation and curiosity. This month, kids in grade K-5 can explore nature, create art and experiment with engineering through hands-on activities at Kids Club.  

If you were a ladybug, how would you decorate your room? Kids can build their very own five-star “bug hotel,” discover what kinds of natural materials attract insects and learn about famous entomologists (bug scientists!) during the Bug Hotel Kids Club program.  

Spring is the perfect time to learn about seeds and how they grow. At the Seeds and Gardens Kids Club, children will have an opportunity to plant their very own seeds to take home with them, play seed-themed games, and talk about how plants grow.  

Art can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Mosaics is the process of using small pieces of materials to create a larger artistic piece. At Mosaics Kids Club children will learn about and create their own mosaic.  

Ask, imagine, plan, create, experiment, and improve – this is the Engineering Design process. What better way to learn about the same steps NASA engineers use to guide them through problem-solving than by creating your very own catapult? Kids will get to have fun creating and testing their own catapult designs all while learning about the important design process engineers use at Simple Catapults Kids Club. 

Why do certain buildings look the way they do? Architects have to consider things like climate, who will be using the building and what the building’s purpose is, all during the design process. Kids will be introduced to architectural design concepts as they create their very own buildings and little towns at the Architecture Kids Club 

Come explore, create, and learn with us from May 4 -23! You can find out more about Remake Learning Days and events happening across the region at  

If you’re not able to make it to one of our Kids Clubs that celebrate Remake Learning Days, no problem! You can find programming and resources for all ages that encourage creativity and exploration year-round at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Visit our events page to find a Kids Club near you! Contact your neighborhood branch to see what hands-on activities are offered. 

And, if there happens to be 6th-12th graders in your life, check out the Teen Times we have happening for them during Remake Learning Days here! 

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