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CivicCLP – About Page

About CivicCLP:

CivicCLP is where our community can learn about the importance of civic engagement and the First Amendment through Library programs, services and resources.

The goal of CivicCLP is for our region to feel more confident about finding reliable information from trusted sources. People in our communities will have the necessary tools to engage in civic issues, such as voting, intellectual freedom, privacy rights and public data.

We are excited to collaborate with local and national experts who can share their knowledge about First Amendment issues, the importance of free speech in public libraries, and the value of public archives and records. These panels and presentations will provide insight into how we can become smarter consumers of information.

The Library strives to make public CLP data available to the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center and as well as provide access to other open data sources. We know that these resources can support decision-making processes about the issues impacting our communities and lives.

CivicCLP will also support staff across the Library in deploying responsive content, both through our online spaces and in person, which will provide context and unbiased resources about current events.

This initiative is supported through generous funding from The Pittsburgh Foundation.

If you have questions about this work or would like to connect with CivicCLP, you can email (please mention CivicCLP in your message).

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