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Databases for Young Researchers

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Information literacy is becoming an increasingly important topic among students immersed in the digital age. While information becomes more widely available online, it has become increasingly difficult to not only find the right information but also accurate information, especially for school work. The research process and locating credible information sources are becoming pivotal components of high school education that prepare students for college coursework. For younger students, it is never too early to begin practicing good research habits and collecting reliable information sources for school projects and papers. CLP provides some excellent resources for elementary and middle school students to begin this practice that can help with completing school assignments and gaining an edge in the classroom. All resources are available to CLP cardholders and can be accessed remotely from home:

  • Grolier Online: Powered by Scholastic, this online encyclopedia helps students from elementary to high school with beginning research on a wide spectrum of topics. Users can search concise encyclopedia entries with the basic or advanced search fields as well as with the grade level headings. Other entries stored include fast facts, magazine articles, and illustrations.
  • Elementary Student Search: Powered by EBSCO, this database contains thousands of articles from over 80 elementary school magazines and publications. Users can search through the image-coded subject categories or with the customizable search field. Results can also be filtered by lexile range for different reading levels.
  • Literature Resource Center: Powered by Gale, this database assists with researching an author or literary work for language arts-related topics. Users can find comprehensive biographical information about an author’s life and well as easy-to-read overviews of classic and contemporary works. It also contains criticism of different collected works. Recommended for middle and early high school students.
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