Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is a welcoming and inclusive space offering a variety of resources, collections and programs for the LGBTQIA+ community and its supporters.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh supports tolerance, respect, curiosity and the acquisition of knowledge. Our LGBTQIA+ collections, programs and partnerships nurture inclusion and empowerment.

The Library is for all.

Staff Picks

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LGBTQIA+ Family Stories

Family roles can feel like they are set in stone. For many of us, returning to our families of origin catapults us back in time. We’re once again the responsible one or the flaky one or the trouble maker. Gender roles can also feel inflexible. There are still many expectations about how we’ll dress, behave and speak. While there have been some shifts, there is…
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Black and LGBTQ+ Authors

From science fiction to historical fiction and memoirs, these books portray various experiences of both Blackness and queerness.

Notable Books & Media

The Unbroken Cover Image
The Unbroken
C.L. Clark
Outlawed Cover Image
Anna North
Fireheart Tiger Cover Image
Fireheart Tiger
Aliette de Bodard
A Master of Djinn Cover Image
A Master of Djinn
P. DjèlÍ Clark