Smart Mom, Rich Mom

Palmer, a mom herself, easily relates to other moms, and knows how your world changes once you become a parent and worries of all sorts arise. Worries including how you are going to pay for and save for not only yourself but also, just as importantly, for your family. It is a balancing act that is easier to do if you have real world tools that get you thinking about the right questions to ask yourself in order to successfully approach and execute better financial planning. Palmer has put together practical financial advice that goes beyond coupon clipping, looking in the weekly ads for sales, or just putting money in a piggy bank for a rainy day. Tips range from doing a self-check about spending habits by asking oneself “Do I really need this product or service?” to encouraging us to talk with other moms at our regular meeting places and ask them about the strategies they use to manage their money and investments. This book has action steps at the end of each chapter and adds checklists plus a nine-month calendar that eases the fear of the big job of financial planning and puts it into doable chunks.The advice in this book can help women take better charge of their finances – especially because, as it ends up, women tend to manage many family money matters. Moms aren’t all looking to become millionaires, but they want what is comfortable and brings security for their families.

Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth while Raising a Family

Palmer is a financially savvy mom and an accomplished money editor. She lectures across the nation on financial literacy.  Her book is a valuable resource for moms everywhere and a tool to help them capitalize on their strengths as multitasking moms and succeed financially for themselves and their families.