5 Destination Reads for When You Can’t Get Away

You may be stuck at work all summer long, but summer is the time for adventures! Pick your destination, from Nigeria to Mars, with one of these great books!

The Martian

Believing him to be killed by the dust storm that forced them to abandon their mission on Mars, Mark Watney’s crew has left him behind on the red planet. He wakes up abandoned and injured, his survival threatened by his harsh surroundings, scarce resources, and an inability to let anyone on Earth know that he is still alive. Relying on his robust knowledge of botany and incredible sense of humor, Mark is determined to overcome the odds and make it home no matter what obstacles are presented to him by space and time. Find the 2015 feature film here.


A thought-provoking novel that spans three continents, Americanah tells the story of two romantically-involved teens who leave the military dictatorship of Nigeria to continue the pursuit of their education elsewhere. As Obinze discovers what it means to be an illegal immigrant in England, Ifemelu learns how the color of her skin shapes how she is seen is America. Travel with Ifemelu as she realizes what it truly means to be an Americanah returning to Nigeria.

The Vacationers

Travel with the Post family as they struggle to deal with underlying family resentments on the beautiful island of Mallorca. On what should be the vacation of a lifetime for a couple celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary and their children, secrets come to light as each family member reveals a little something about themselves, from the patriarch who has ‘retired’ after a life-long career to the recent high school graduate who is discovering her sexuality.

Destination Unknown

About to commit suicide with the help of some sleeping pills, Hillary Craven is approached in a Moroccan hotel by a British secret agent who asks for her help in uncovering the locations of disappeared scientists. When she discovers she has to pose as one of the missing scientist’s wives, she realizes just how fatal this mission is likely to be; an almost-certain suicide mission is an offer she just can’t refuse.

A Walk in the Woods : Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

After Bill Bryson returns to America after two decades in England, he decides to rediscover his homeland by hiking the famed Appalachian Trail. In this entertaining memoir, Bryson details the adventures of hiking the 2100-mile trail with his friend, Stephen Katz. Along the way, Bryson tells humorous anecdotes of the characters he meets as he explores the history of the trail.