A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Movies

For many, the holidays are a time of joy and wonder, surrounded by family and friends. For others, the holidays are a time of tears and drama, surrounded by family and friends. Whether you’re looking for proof that you’re not the only one living in dysfunction or you just want to enjoy a bit of escapism, nothing beats a Thanksgiving movie. So, pull up a chair and treat yourself to a stress-free celebration with these humorous and heartfelt classics.



Dutch Dooley is your basic nice, working class guy. He’s the kind of man who does the right thing and volunteers to drive his new girlfriend’s son home to Chicago from a posh boarding school in Georgia for Thanksgiving, hoping to get to know him during the trip. He’s also the sort of person who doesn’t necessarily realize what it will be like when a down-to-earth construction worker is stuck in a car with a selfish and spoiled private school kid for a seemingly endless drive. He’s about to learn.

Free Birds

His entire life on the farm, Reggie has heard the stories of Thanksgiving doom. As this year’s pardoned turkey, he’s escaped that fate. He doesn’t have long to enjoy his luck, though, before he meets a turkey on a mission. Jake’s audacious plan is to go back in time and make sure that turkey is not on the menu at the first Thanksgiving. But Reggie and Jake don’t find exactly what they expect when they make it to the Plymouth colony in 1621 and soon they’ll need to figure out who they really are and what they really need to do.

Grumpy Old Men

John and Max are elderly Minnesota neighbors who have already been feuding for decades when a beautiful widow named Ariel moves to their block. As the former best friends go to great lengths to woo her, John and Max’s long-standing competition threatens to become an all-out war for Ariel’s affections. The death of a mutual friend and Max’s realization that John is experiencing serious problems may help the two decide that they can finally set aside their childish rivalry.

Pieces of April

Quirky and rebellious April isn’t close to her family, but this holiday she’s invited them from the suburbs to her run-down apartment in New York’s Lower East Side. Her mother doesn’t have long to live, and April hopes she can reconnect with her relatives by hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. As her parents and siblings make the car journey into the city, April discovers her oven isn’t working and she’ll need the help of strangers to make the celebration a success.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

All Neal wants is a break from his high-stress job as an advertising executive and to get home to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, at the airport Neal learns his flight has been cancelled and meets Del, a well meaning – but overbearing – salesman determined to help him reach the Windy City before the turkey is carved. Making Del’s acquaintance soon threatens to keep Neal from spending the holiday with his family and to drive him completely to distraction.

Tower Heist

Arthur Shaw resides in the penthouse of the swanky Manhattan high-rise managed by Josh Kovacs. When Shaw is arrested by the FBI for running a Ponzi scheme, amongst those hardest hit by his crimes are Josh and the building’s other employees who had invested their meager wages with the crook. Banding together, the motley crew undertake an ambitious Thanksgiving day heist to take back what is rightfully theirs from the stockpile of cash the authorities suspect Shaw has stashed in his apartment.