Adventure by Proxy

Over the summer, my desire to travel lead me in a search for books to help me escape, in the literary sense.  I happily dived into Turn Right at Machu Picchu, a travel book written by Mark Adams that I was reading for book club. Adams has a humorous outlook on traveling which was compounded further when he confessed that his camping experience was pretty much zero. The book follows Adams as he re-traces the original expedition to Machu Picchu and the struggles he had along the way. After that, it was a free fall into two books about famous climbers accomplishing insane feats of strength on big walls in Yosemite. The strength of these climbers made me want to start hanging the lips of doorways in my apartment. If you are looking to get lost on hidden trails of Peru, or maybe a piece of granite 3,000 feet high. I highly recommend these titles.


The Push: a Climbers Journey of Endurance, Risk and going Beyond Limits

A memoir about legendary rock climber Tommy Caldwell who was one of the first people to free climb a section of Yosemite’s El Capitan called “the dawn wall.” Caldwell talks about his childhood and how he started climbing all the way through to his incredible free climb of The Dawn Wall with fellow climber Kevin Jorgenson.

Alone on the Wall

A memoir about rock climber Alex Honnold and his climbing achievements that eventually lead to his free solo of El Captain.