Beating Back to School Blues

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Can you recall a time when you made a minor mistake (or maybe a huge one) and it felt like the whole school laughed?  Or you were the new student, coping with feelings of isolation? Or maybe your mom forced you to be friendly with the meanest kid in your class. Most likely, it made you want to stay in bed with a blanket over your head! Everyone has experienced reluctance to get up and go on a school morning. A new teacher, a different school building, and meeting new classmates can create feelings of excitement and dread in even the most enthusiastic student. Whether an elementary school student is in first grade or fifth grade, issues of self-esteem, personality conflicts and discouragement can happen at any time. Problems come along with being the new kid at school, suffering humiliation in front of the class, or being different from the rest as well.  Sometimes, reading about other kids’ school experiences can help beat those back to school blues and make school fun again. Here are some great books that use empathy and humor to assist in overcoming those back to school blues.

I'm New Here

Three children from other countries (Somalia, Guatemala, and Korea) struggle to adjust to their new home and school in the United States.

First Grade Dropout

After an embarrassing incident, a young boy decides to quit school.

Josh Baxter Levels Up

Because his family has moved again, Josh Baxter is starting at a new school for the third time in two years, and this time he has really started off on the wrong foot- -but when his mother takes away the video games that have become his refuge because of his poor grades, Josh realizes he has to come up with a new strategy for success.

Kate the Great

Fifth-grader Kate faces a challenge when her mother asks her to be especially nice to Nora, a classmate and fellow flute player who is sometimes mean.