Becoming Read-Alikes

Are you waiting for the intimate and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States? Maybe you’ve read it already and really enjoyed it. Try one of these recommendations from the New & Featured staff at Main!


Obama: An Intimate Portrait

Obama’s White House photographer captures our former president in more than 300 photographs creating a visual biography of his eight year presidency.


Song of Solomon

Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, a novel of large beauty and power, creates a magical world out of four generations of black life in America, a world we enter on the day of the birth of Macon Dead, Jr. (known as Milkman), son of the richest black family in a mid-western town; the day on which the lonely insurance man, Robert Smith, poised in blue silk wings, attempts to fly from a steeple of the hospital, a black Icarus looking homeward…

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