Best Books for Babies 2002

A group of Pittsburgh librarians and child development experts selected the Best Books for Babies published in 2001. Share them with a baby in your life!


Every baby knows that there are plenty of ways to interact with a book.  From wearing it as a hat to reading it to the cat to giving it a hug, this toddler enthusiastically embraces all the possibilities.

Bubbles, Bubbles

A friendly frog and a shiny yellow rubber duck join a grubby toddler in the pleasures of a very bubbly bubble bath.  Imaginative images make clean-up fun while playful rhymes will inspire young listeners to chant along.

Come Back, Hannah!

An adventurous toddler enjoys playfully testing the limits set by her caring mom.  After a busy day for both, they settle down for a story and enjoy their quiet time together.

Counting Kisses

From morning to night, family members shower baby with kisses.  From her toes to her nose, siblings, parents, grandparents and even pets show their affection for the initially cranky, eventually serene and sleeping baby in this cheerful counting book.

Daisy's Hide-And-Seek: A Lift-The-Flap Book

Daisy searches for her little brother Pip but finds all the other farmyard animals first.  Young listeners will quickly chime in with the appropriate animal noises during the search and be pleased with its eventual end:  Pip is curled up safe and sound under Mama Duck’s wing.

Everywhere Babies

Flowing descriptions celebrate many moods and infinite charms of babies, while engaging illustrations show infants from a wide variety of cultures engaged in everyday activities.

My Car

Bold, brightly colored illustrations accompany this simple story.  Young listeners will enjoy identifying familiar places and objects and appreciate the humor of the surprise ending.

Sleepy Me

A wonderful going to bed book, this brief, repetitive story focuses on a sleepy toddler whose father is getting him ready for bed.  Familiar activities like reading, rocking, and goodnight kisses from Mom lead up to a peaceful trip to dreamland in this charming picture book.

So Big!

The traditional baby game is illustrated with a variety of young animals (including humans) and their parents.  Clever foldout pages (on sturdy paper) emphasize the repeated refrain as each animal shows that he or she is “so big!”