Best Books for Babies 2006

A group of Pittsburgh librarians and child development experts selected the Best Books for Babies published in 2005. Share them with a baby in your life!

Alphabet House

Cut paper pictures show plenty of everyday items for each letter of the alphabet, encouraging plenty of point-and-say fun.

Diddle, Diddle Dumpling

This familiar rhyme finds new life in a board book version featuring a sleepy young African-American boy sharing a bedtime story with his dad.

Duckie's Ducklings

Cleverly shaped pages, bright, simple images, an amusing story, and a damp, delightful happy ending make this tale of baby ducklings lost and found a pleasure to share with young listeners.

Honey Baby Sugar Child

A perfect portrait of a mother’s love for her child, the paintings in this appealing picture book feature an African-American mother and her smiling baby boy.

My garden = Mi jardín

Bold, colorful shapes on white board pages introduce children to familiar garden sights in two languages, English and Spanish, from dirt (la tierra) to vegetables (las verduras).

Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones

Soft illustrations and soothing words combine to show a variety of jungle animals settling down for the night.

Star Baby

A beloved baby’s day is described in rhymes and pictures, with the focus always kept squarely on the busy, beautiful baby.

This Little Piggy

This charmingly illustrated collection includes instructions on how to play bouncing and clapping games and act out rhymes as well as providing musical notation for songs, all of which will encourage parents and grandparents to enjoy actively sharing these verses with young listeners.

Tomie’s Mother Goose Flies Again

Perfect for car trips, stroller rides, poring over and dipping into, this illustrated board book version of selected nursery rhymes offers new listeners the chance to enjoy timeless rhymes.

A Truck Goes Rattley-Bumpa

Lots of trucks drive noisily through the pages of this book whose pictures tell the story of a family’s move to a new home.