Best Books for Babies 2007

A group of Pittsburgh librarians and child development experts selected the Best Books for Babies published in 2006. Share them with a baby in your life!

Mama's day

Mothers in a variety of settings are shown bathing, rocking, teaching and loving their babies while additional illustrations of adorable babies frame each of the central pictures.

Easy street

Intriguing illustrations created from clay, gravel, sandpaper and other materials make this straight-forward story of the work involved in the creation of a road stand out from the crowd.

Welcome, Precious

Illustrations and text welcome a new baby to some of life’s delights, from “the glistening mystery of soap bubbles” to “the swish of leaves in the breeze.”

Look at You! A Baby Body Book

Babies love looking at other babies so they’re sure to enjoy this book’s large, appealing illustrations that showcase babies who are doing what they do best: playing, splashing, cuddling, eating and making a mess.

Look at the Animals

With clear, vivid black and white illustrations that focus on familiar animals engaged in everyday activities, this board book is perfect for the very youngest listeners.

Wee Willie Winkie

Embroidered fabric collages illustrate this nursery rhyme and offer lots of detail for parents and children to admire.

Hush, Little Baby

The traditional song gains some new lyrics and an engaging background story in this warmly illustrated version that features an African American family’s attempts to entertain their youngest member while Mama is away.

Cheep! Cheep!

Easy to read and fun to look at, this amusing story told with just seven rhyming words shows three chicks whose sleep is disturbed by the hatching of a new friend—cheep!

Baby Cakes

Whether read straight through or enjoyed a few pages at a time, this charming board book offers plenty of opportunities for parents and babies to enjoy reading together.