It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s… the Girl of Steel!

Kara Zor-El, last daughter of Krypton and protector of National City, comes to life in this new collection of adventures set within the world of the CW television show Supergirl. As a young woman searching for a purpose Kara makes a life-changing decision to embrace her alien abilities, a secret that she has kept hidden since crashing on Earth as a girl. However, being a hero is dangerous business! Using her powers to help others opens Kara up to alien threats she never knew existed – criminals from other worlds bent on revenge for the actions of her mother. Telling the stories between the episodes, Adventures of Supergirl is a great read for fans of the show and anyone looking for a young, powerful female lead.

Adventures of Supergirl

A collection of new action-packed adventures from the world of the Supergirl television show.