Black? White! Day? Night! by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Are you looking for a special book for a toddler or preschooler this holiday season?  This concept book could be the perfect choice.  Die cuts in the shapes of rectangles and squares reveal a variety of opposite pairs.  The words in the pairings are the usual suspects- day and night, sad and happy, tiny and huge etc.  It’s the colorful graphic style illustrations that show much imagination.  For example, five tiny rectangular die cuts feature blue diamond shapes on a white background. They are all alike.  Lift up the flap to discover what the opposite word different will have as its drawing.  It’s snowflakes.  The diamond being part of the inside design of many snowflakes.  One of the most intriguing is the word pairing simple and complicated.  Simple is simply the word written in a block font, red letters on a black background.  Left up the flap for an illustration of complicated, and you will see a full page black and red Escheresque type maze.  This concept book begs to be read again and again.

Black? White! Day? Night!: A Book of Opposites

Laura Vaccaro Seeger’s Black? White! Day? Night! is a sensational lift-the-flap concept book that explores opposites in new and exciting ways! Each page of this book offers a flap that reveals a picture, but lift the flap and the picture is transformed into an entirely different image–in each case, the opposite of what came before. Thus, black becomes white, sad becomes happy, and simple morphs into complicated.

This title has Common Core connections.