Bright Books for Dark Days

Is winter starting to weigh on you? The days are cold, the nights are long, and it can sometimes feel like trees will never have leaves again. When seasonal depression starts to cover you like snow on a Pittsburgh side street, it’s time to break out the books that will remind you of sunshine. The following cozy mysteries, gentle romances, whimsical fantasies, and inspiring nonfiction titles are all heartwarming enough to lift anyone out of their midwinter funk. 

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The Book of More Delights

Poet Ross Gay continues his project of chronicling small joys and daily wonders in this book of delightful cross-genre essays.

The Chinese Groove

When irrepressibly optimistic protagonist Shelley immigrates from China to the United States, he’s surprised to discover the challenging reality of his new country. Still, he pushes forward with humor, heart, and “The Chinese Groove,” the strong unspoken bond between Chinese immigrants. 

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Daniel Cabot Puts Down Roots

This low-conflict period romance set in 1970s New York City follows neurodivergent protagonist Alex and his best friend Daniel as they discover there might be more than friendship between them. 

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Everything is OK

This uplifting graphic novel charts author Debbie Tung’s mental health journey with heartwarming humor as she struggles to manage depression and anxiety and move to a place of healing and self-care. 

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Role Playing

Two middle-aged adults, both unlucky in love, become close friends after meeting through an online game. When they finally meet in real life they have a genuine connection, but they’ll have to overcome reclusive natures and emotional baggage to make their relationship work in this slow-burn second-chance romance.  

The Wishing Game

Kindergarten teacher Lucy wants to adopt her orphaned student but lacks the money and resources to do so. Then a reclusive children’s book author invites her to compete in a Wonka-like challenge with a prize that could set her up for life in this moving, magical novel. 

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