Build a Better World—Together

The phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” acknowledges the importance of community connections. Warm relationships with neighbors and friends provide support to families that, in turn, help to build strong communities. 

Shared projects, friendly greetings, and cheerful exploration are some of the ways that the characters in the books below embody the idea of creating community. So check out some of these stories then consider making a plan to connect with the folks in your neighborhood.  

You might even want to hum a few bars of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” just to set the mood. 

This booklist was created in support of BUZZWORD PGH to encourage imagination, investigation, creation, and reflection. Available to families throughout Allegheny County, BUZZWORD PGH engages young children and their families as they discover the words that are all around them. 

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All the Beating Hearts

The cyclical nature of day and night frames a heartfelt exploration of the shared experiences that bring us all together.

Ask Me

A father and daughter explore their neighborhood, talking and asking questions as they go. 

This title is also available for checkout as an eBook on Libby and/or an eBook on Hoopla.  

A Busy Day in the Neighborhood

Encourages young readers to follow along as Daniel visits several places in his neighborhood, including the school, the bakery, and the library. 

Dream Street

Real-life cousins pay gorgeous homage to the street they grew up on and the loving community that made their childhood special. 

This title is also available for checkout as an eBook/eAudio on Libby.


A young girl’s seed of an idea to clean up an abandoned inner city lot grows into something big when neighbors work together to create a garden full of color and life.

Jump In!

Celebrates a community coming together through their love of double dutch.

Keyana Loves Her Family

Keyana’s latest big idea is to have a backyard movie soiree for all her relatives! When her twin cousins’ fighting knocks over the projector movie night seems heading for disaster—until Keyana comes up with an even better idea.

Mama's Home

Home can be a blue house with white trim you share with your mama. But it can be bigger than that, with lots of Big Mamas to take care of you when your mom works—different houses for every day of the week. 

The Night is Yours

From a vantage point high in their apartment, a parent narrates as Amani plays hide-and-seek at night with her friends in the neighborhood. 

This title is also available for checkout as an eBook on Libby.